The dating work has completely changed in the last couple of years.  We are no longer in a time of phone calls and blind dates, we have graduated to swiping right and text one another emojis.

Whether you're happy about these changes or not, you'll probably have to learn to adapt to our new (and somewhat questionable) social norms of 2016.  This article outlines the best way to text a Toronto girl, and what to expect if you choose to get involved with one of these ladies!

Just remember, all women are different, so use your discretion and be yourself. :)

1. If we aren't texting back, there is a good chance we are on the subway.

And we all know that you only have service for 10% of the time.

2.  If you say something shady, you'll get screenshot.

And that screen shot will 100% end up in a group chat. 

3. Know that if we are at a girls night, we are all creeping you.

We are also threatening our friends who joke about liking your photo from 56 weeks ago.

4. We aren't afraid to text you first, and you shouldn't be either.

This isn't just for Toronto girls, this goes for any girl.

5. Never say "let's just meet downtown".

Where downtown?!?! Drop a pin! Shoot me an address! Downtown is a big place, and I'm not going to play the guessing game of where to meet you.

6. Be able to make decisions.

Nobody wants to play the "no, you pick a place for dinner" game.  If you want to go out for tacos on King St., know where to get them on King St!

7. Please don't text us Drake lyrics seriously

99% of the time it's only impressive when it comes out of Drake's mouth, otherwise it's extremely cringeworthy.

8. If you're from the GTA, please don't only text us when you're in the city.

This comes off as a booty call. If you're really looking for something more, then you need to strike up a convo on a regular basis instead of just occasions where you think a hook up is plausible.

9. Open communication > Ghosting

Yep, it's easier said than done, but it says a lot more about your character.  Whether you're texting a Toronto girl or any girl, always be open and honest!

10. Please remember that we are not your Uber app.

You're lucky if you have a woman in your life who will respond to your drunk text message at 3 AM asking for a ride home from Early Mercy.  But realistically, please just call an Uber.

11. And most importantly, if you need a list to tell you how to text, then maybe you're not texting the right Toronto girl.

Relationships should be fun.  If you're nervous or unsure of yourself, then maybe you haven't found the right girl yet.  You should be with somebody who finds all your quirks, personality traits and text messages endearing.   So once you have no use for this list, you've probably found a keeper! :)

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