2016 has been one heck of a roller coaster ride so far. Terrible tragedies and heartbreaking headlines have been so dominant this year that it's been hard to see the good side of the world at times.

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But amidst the darkness there is still light, and Canada has definitely contributed to that; both in big ways and in small. Here are a few heartwarming stories about random acts of kindness from some fellow Canadians that will give you even the slightest faith in humanity again:

When the people of St. George, Ontario celebrated Christmas early with a grand parade so that Evan Leversage, a terminally-ill 7-year-old boy with an inoperable brain tumour, could experience Christmas one last time.

When Justin Trudeau carried a man in a wheelchair down a broken escalator in the Montreal Metro station.

Photo cred - tumbnation

When this skateboarder from Cambridge, Ontario helped a young girl build confidence in herself by assuring her that she could still pursue skateboarding regardless of the gender stereotypes that discourage her from doing so.

When a whole community in Chateauguay, Quebec built a brand new house for a family who completely lost their home in a fire.

When Toronto citizens came together and donated a piano to a Syrian family that was in love with the instrument but had to leave theirs behind when they fled their country.

When Canadian coach Justin Wadsworth replaced the broken ski of a Russian athlete in the middle of his race so he could finish his sprint during the Sochi Olympics.

When two Canadians, John Pitman and Andrew Mason, provided new clothes, a meal and a haircut to a homeless man on the street in the hopes that their act of kindness would inspire others to do the same.

Photo cred - Random Acts of Kindness PEI

When a non-profit group called Random Acts of Kindness P.E.I. raised $600 with the help of the surrounding community to buy a 5-year-old boy with cancer a new swing set.

When this Toronto mosque broke tradition and welcomed LGBT individuals as well as any members of other religious faiths for an Iftar meal.

When the Sikh temples in Vancouver gathered donations of clothing, baked goods, household products, and other essentials to distribute to Syrian families heading to B.C.

When people from Newfoundland and all across Canada surprised an evacuee family from the Fort McMurray tragedy with everything they could possibly need to start over.

We're all in this together. Let's spread love, not hate. ❤️

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