In a world riddled with forces that constantly try to divide and disconnect people from each other, it's nice to know that there still some individuals out there who are working towards the opposite goal of unity and peace for all.

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There are several awesome Torontonians who work tirelessly to help others without expecting anything in return. Here are 11 of them who made local headlines this year for their amazing random acts of kindness:

When Carl Tebo, a formerly homeless man, took it upon himself to help other homeless people by volunteering at food banks, helping the find housing, and taking them into his own house in the meanwhile.

When Glenn Clydesdale, a retired Toronto businessman, raised $8,800 to pay for his Jamaican friend's prosthetic leg.

When Devontae Hudson, a 16 year old, helped a Grade 2 student who's new to Canada get back to school safely after spotting him sitting alone at a bus stop.

When railway workers found a stolen van full of kidnapped dogs in a parking lot on Queen's Quay E. and brought the dogs home to all their rightful owners.

When Toronto Spiderman became a hero for preventing a shoplifter from getting away.

When Toronto subway riders from all sorts of races, religions, genders and ages helped a man who was late for his job interview.

When David Dearman, a Toronto resident, risked his life to save 8 people from a fire in the Junction earlier in the summer...

...And people all over Toronto raised around $1,500 to send him to Nova Scotia to see his mom.

When Brandon Lee Wadsworth bought and distributed live-saving supplies such as blankets, food, water and hygienic products to homeless people all over the city.


When Ahmad Salman and his barber friend Muayad Al-Qaysi held a drop-in event for homeless youth so they could get haircuts free of charge.

When Kitty Cohen, a 103-year-old woman, participated in a 25-km walk to raise money for cancer.

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