We all know studying for exams can be tough. Memorizing and making detailed notes are definitely not the only things we have to worry about when studying for the big day. I'm sure we all wish there was a way to make the process easier, and way less stressful, so we can pass with flying colours and finally relax after a hectic semester.

If you're looking for tips and tricks on how to make the studying process easier for you, well look no further! Here are some amazing (totally scientific) facts that will definitely help study and ace those intense finals!

1.Study before you snooze.

Reviewing your toughest material before going to bed the night before the exam makes it so much easier to remember information later on. You'll wake up feeling ten times more confident, and more well rested, than pulling an all-nighter this way! Which means...

2.All nighters = serious brain kill.

I know it sometimes seems like the best way, especially the night before, but try to avoid all nighters. Based on a study done in 2008, this method is actually linked to giving you lower grades. It can also impact your ability to reason and decrease your memory for up to four days!

3.Well balanced diet = well balanced grades.

Exam season is the ultimate unhealthy time period, but you may want to avoid the Ben and Jerry's in your fridge after this. Eating too much dairy, meat, and other things such as low-carb or high-foods leading up to the test will actually lower your performance the day of. Eating a balanced diet full of fruit and veggies as well as high-carb/fibre (such as oatmeal) is the best when prepping before and the day of the exam. After that final, eat as much ice cream as your heart desires! You deserve it!

4.Avoid the tunes.

Who doesn't want to bump some awesome songs while prepping for exams? Although the urge is real, try not to. It's proven that you're actually less likely to remember the information you studied if you're listening to music. Sorry Drake, we're going to have to take a break. It's nothing personal, just my career.

5.Study in small chunks.

It's way easier then doing hours on hours of cramming! Instead of doing one long session, try half-hour sessions leading up to the exam, and making sure to space them out. Your brain is much better at remembering things in short, repeated sessions compared to one long one. Go ahead and give your brain a break!

6.Highlighters are your new enemy.

Although you may love highlighting information until your papers look like a mini-rave, it's definitely not an effective study hack. It doesn't improve your understanding of things or help you memorize. It can be even seen as being detrimental to your studying since you're more likely to look at less important information. Instead...

7.Make flashcards your new BFF.

The star of the show. These little golden squares are proven to be awesome memory, reinforcement tools whether it's during your study sessions or if you're killing time on your commute home!

8.Having a goal is a major key.

Pick one aspect to focus on, and have it down pat before moving on to something new. Study until you can explain what it is in simple terms because then you'll know that you've studied it fully and will totally ace it on the exam.

9.Pretend you're the prof.

When you're expected to teach, your brain is better at organizing information and does it in a more logical way! Talk out loud while you study, although you may think it's crazy, it'll give you the professor vibes you're looking for and show you that you actually know more than you think you do.

10.Practice makes perfect grades.

Try making practice tests for yourself when you study. It'll put you and your brain in the test environment and help you figure out what you really need to study depending on the mistakes you make.

11.Put that phone away!

It may seem obvious but having your phone out is a huge no-no. Your texts and social media notifications are a huge distraction and will keep you less concentrated. Although scrolling through Instagram and getting lost in the depths of YouTube may seem more fun, study for those important finals!

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