We've all had those nights where we ended up making 4 new gal pals in the bathroom and insisted on starting a group chat with them so you could be friends forever.

Or those nights where you shut your own ankle in a cab door because you were too wasted to know it was your own foot.

And let's not get started about the time you took out an entire paycheque at the bar and made it rain 20's.

That has happened to all of us right guys?! 

Well, if you have not crossed off these legendary bucket list activities, it's about time you get started on making some bad decisions of your own.  Be sure to check out these amazing Toronto Bars, and take advantage of being young and reckless.

P.S. In all realness skip out on the ones I listed above, those were not my finest moments.

1. Wildflower // 550 Wellington Street W.

Ah wildflower, the home to Toronto millennials looking to celebrate the weekend.  I once went here with a few friends and before I knew it we had been split up all night, and I woke up with a limo drivers business card in my purse.  So I think it was a successful evening?

2. Fly 2.0 // 6 Gloucester St.

There is something about fly that makes people lose their clothing.  I'm not sure if it is the fact that it turns into a sauna in there from all the dancing, or the continuous vodka shots.  Either way, don't be surprised to leave without your t-shirt.

Photo cred -photo_will

3. Lost and Found // 577 King St W.

Lost and Found makes bottle service look way too good.  Both you and your wallet will be hurting the morning after you decided to ball out on a booth with all your friends.

4. Tequila Jacks // 184 Pearl St.

All good stories start with cheap tequila shots, and Tequila Jack's 100% understands that.  There is a good chance you will wake up with a few more blisters than planned after dancing on the poles all night.

5. The Ossington // 61 Ossington Ave.

All bad decisions that are made at The Ossington are in the back room.  Dance the night away while listening to your favourite throwbacks and sweating your ass off.  Ending your night at the Ossington is the best bad decision you can ever make.

6. Coda // 794 Bathurst Street.

Coda is an experience in itself.  If you're not a dancing person, you will become a dancing person.  If you never get drunk-food after the club, you will feast.  And if you have never made friends with complete strangers at the bar, you will.

7. Everleigh // 580 King St W.

After a night at Everleigh you probably ended up with a picture in front of the red neon sign, a blurry accidental selfie, a photo of your best friend making out with a random dude, and one cute group shot.  Either way your night was probably unforgettable, even if you don't entirely remember it.

Photo cred -mcrules

8. Bar 244 // 244 Adelaide St W.

You would be astonished how many shots your body can handle when they are only 3 dollars.  Bar 244 is the perfect place if your young, broke, and love dancing.

9. Uniun // 473 Adelaide St W.

You'll likely go into Uniun for a night of dancing and awesome music.  Although once you leave you'll be covered in sweat from dancing all night, a little bit broke from the amount of shots you bought, and completely exhausted because you wanted to stay until way past last call.  But let's be real, it was probably completely worth it.

10. Apt 200 // 1034 Queen St W.

If you're craving a "house party" vibe head to Apt. 200.  The music is awesome, the people are friendly, and the drinks are dangerously good.

11.  Wide Open // 139 Spadina Ave.

You'll likely meet 5 new friends each time you go to Wide Open, and you will probably remember meeting 0 of them.

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