Typically once summer comes around, and clothing becomes a bit more revealing some of us tend to start watching our diets.  If you have been working hard the past few months creating your best version of yourself, you deserve a break from kale!

Once and a while it is important to treat yourself, and sometimes a bit of junk food will satisfy the cravings your green smoothies never could.

Celebrate cheat day by hitting up one of these mouthwatering locations!  

Treat yo'self Toronto! 

Photo cred -@thevietvegan

1. Doomie's Toronto // 1263 Queen St W.

Vegan friends, this one is for you!  Doomies has some awesome options if you're looking to indulge in some savoury dishes.

Recommended dish(es): Buffalo Fries, Jalapeño Poppers and Mac and Cheese Balls

Photo cred -@barfancyto

2. Bar Fancy // 1070 Queen St W.

Bar fancy has some really great fried chicken. They also have a happy hour where their oysters are half priced and fried chicken is 2 dollars (5-7PM).

Recommended dish(es): Fried Chicken

Photo cred -@theeverydayfoodie

3. Pizza Libretto // 221 Ossington Ave.

If you're craving italian, this is the place to go. Pizza Libretto serves generous portions and all the ingredients are super fresh.

Recommended dish(es): Buttermilk fried calamari & Margherita pizza

Photo cred -@hungryupinthe6ix

4. Uncle Betty's // 2590 Yonge St.

Uncle Betty's is the home to so many heavenly junk food combinations.  Whether that be mac and cheese + grilled cheese or donuts + ice cream sandwiches.  You will find things you never even knew you craved here.

Recommended dish(es): Mac and Cheese Grilled Cheese and Stuffed French Toast

Photo cred -@temptingtastes

5. Booyah // 16 Vaughan Rd.

Get your ice cream fix at Booyah.  This is the home to the ice cream taco, ice cream cookie sandwiches and unbelievable cones.

Recommended dish(es): Blizzard Milkshakes & Sweet Pocket 

Photo cred -@edeneatseverything

6. Junked Food Co. // 1256 Dundas St W.

Junked Food Co. takes comfort food to a whole new level.  Whether you're looking for ice cream, nachos, mac and cheese etc. they probably have it!

Recommended dish(es): Smash Bags

Photo cred -@pmisir1

7. Come and Get It // 676 Queen St W.

If you're craving both breakfast and lunch, what better way to kill both those cravings than chicken and waffles?

Recommended dish(es): Pulled Pork Poutine & Chicken and Waffles

Photo cred -@hazelsands

8. Famoso Neapolitan Pizzeria // 386 Bloor St W.

A pizza is almost a salad if you cover it in avocado and fresh veggies right? I'm going to go with yes.  We can save this one for an "almost" cheat day.

Recommended dish(es): Pistachio Pesto Primavera & Arugherita Pizza

Photo cred -@equinoxphyia

9. Holy Chuck // 1450 Yonge St.

Holy Chuck is your go to place for a fun twist on the classic burger and fries.  You won't be disappointed if you have a huge appetite for some fried food!

Recommended dish(es): Feta Cheese Fries & Deep Fried Nutella Lollipops

Photo cred -@denyserizzo

10. Sushi Bon // 695 College St.

Sushi is awesome for cheat day.  It will fill you up, and satisfy your seafood cravings!

11. Emma's Country Kitchen // 810 St Clair Ave W.

Emma's Country Kitchen offers some great sweet treats and breakfast food options.  If you have a sweet tooth this is where you should spend your cheat day!

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