I know, I know. It's the most wonderful time of the year. We would think that after going through this process once, we'd know how to mentally prepare ourselves.  We're at that point in our course outlines when we thought,

"Pft! Week 6? 7? Ha, I got bareeeeeee time!" *never looks at the syllabus again*

And by bare time, I mean none. Suddenly, you have essays to write that you didn't even know you had, exams to study for, assignments, and readings that are like, 50 pages.  Yes, that wonderful time when someone back in history thought, "Let's stress out students and make everything due at the same damn time!"

When that's all said and done, it's time to let loose before you hear your prof mention that finals are around the corner (which for some reason, is literally the week after, wtf?!) You deserve to get totally wasted and forget how sh*t you did on your midterms OR celebrate how amazing you did. Regardless, you need a fvcking drink.

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1. Bar 244 // 244 Adelaide Street West.

As a student, it's easy to say that we are all living on a budget. So, what's better than $3 drinks every night? I'll take a rum and coke please...or 6.

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2. Scotland Yard // 56 The Esplanade.

Ideal for their daily drink specials, cocktails and pints go for about $5 every Thursday. If that's not convincing, they also have food specials that will help satisfy that mid-drunk craving. Order of wings anyone?

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3. Las Resto Bar & Lounge // 229 Ossington Ave.

Dope atmosphere and known for their $4 Jameson, it's a recipe for a drunken night. With over 70 beers and 70 craft beers, there's nothing stopping you from ordering that next pitcher.

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4. The Labyrinth Lounge // 298 Brunswick Ave.

Located just a few blocks from UofT's St. George campus, it's an ideal spot to go to right after your final exam. Why waste any time when there's a $3 vodka calling your name.

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5. The Midtown // 552 College St.

The music at The Midtown is always bumpin'.  I don't know about you guys, but when the music is good, the drinks taste that much better.

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6. Apt.200 // 1034 Queen St W.

This dope hangout is a cross between a chill night and I'm about to start dancing because *rum*. Their intimate apartment vibes guarantee a night of billiards, drinks and an overall good time the squad.

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7. Wide Open // 139A Spadina Ave.

Wide Open gives you an excuse to drink every day of the week. Nothing is over $5 and they believe in catering to your party vibes. What better way to celebrate the end of midterm season by getting hammered for $20.


8. La Porte // 214 Ossington Ave.

It's not unusual to see Henny bottles floating around here. The bartenders are sweethearts and the music sets an atmosphere that prepares you to get wild. Although an intimate space, the alcohol will encourage you to make new friends.


9.  BLND TGER // 559 College Street.

Dedicated to University and College Students on Thursday nights, it's a perfect setting to mingle and party with people who are in the same boat as you. Their setlist of hip-hop, reggae and trap is guaranteed to make you forget all about those midterms and have you feeling some type of way.

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10.  Grace O'Malley's (Gracies) // 14 Duncan St.

Gracie's is always a thing at any point of the year, but it is especially your go-to when you're looking to drown your school sorrows. Pitchers of beer are your dance partner here.

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11. Sneaky Dee's // 431 College St.

If you love throwback music, Wednesday nights are for you. The edgy appeal and diverse crowd will offer you an experience that you won't remember.

So go ahead, order another pitcher and take another shot. You definitely deserve it.

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