Toronto is known for its rich history and culture. Yet a darker current lies under some of the city's most prized and established buildings. This is because countless Toronto landmarks have actually been the site of bone-chilling paranormal activity.

From the Old Don Jail to University of Toronto, this city is home to a number of some very spooky sites. Here are 11 buildings in Toronto that are definitely haunted.

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University College.

University College at University of Toronto is apparently home to the ghost of Reznikoff. In the 1850s, there were two masons who worked at University College while it was being built: Ivan Reznikoff and Paul Diablos. Rumour has it that the two were in love with the same woman, who was engaged to Reznikoff but fell for Diablos.

Diablos and the woman agreed to run off together and steal Reznikoff's money. When Reznikoff found out about the plan, he attacked Diabolo with an axe, which the oak door at the college shows the mark of. Diabolos won the argument and dumped Reznikoff's body into a pit which a tower was built on. His remains were finally found and buried in 1890, but it's said that students can still hear the sounds of a scorned Reznikoff.


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Lower Bay Station

This abandoned TTC station was only open for 6 months in the 1990s but is allegedly still haunted by a lady in a red dress. TTC workers who have seen her describe her eyes as "black holes" and claim that she has no legs. It's said that she either jumped or was pushed onto the tracks, and was thus killed by a passing train.

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Ryerson Theatre School

Ryerson's Theatre School was built in the 1800s, originally to be used for the Ontario College of Pharmacy. A number of strange happenings have been reported inside the building, as well as a number of spottings of a female ghost. Some of the strange happenings include flickering lights, a self-playing piano, gust of winds and even students hearing their names being whispered.

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St. Michael's Hospital

Though Saint Michael's Hospital has expanded over the years, the original structure is still located on Bond Street. According to legend, Sister Vincenza was a nun who was a comforting figure on the 7th floor before she passed in 1958. To this day, people still claim that Sister Vincenza is present in the building.

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The Royal Conservatory

Before the Royal Conservatory, this Bloor Street building housed the former McMaster and University of Toronto, both of whom used it as a medical facility. Over the years, the building has prompted reports of supernaturnal activity, including sounds of whispers and hissing.

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Guild Inn Grounds

The Guild Inn was originally built to be the summer home of Colonel Harold Bickford, but has also housed a hotel, a military hospital, and a college. It is now currently abandoned, and there have been reports of loud noises, doors rattling, sporadic temperature changes and even the sight of the ghost of a soldier with mismatched eyes.

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Old City Hall

Old City Hall was once the site where criminals were sentenced to death. The last two men to receive the death penalty were Ronald Turpin and Arthur Lucas. Both men were hung by the neck, and their is doubt about their true guilt. It's said that their ghosts still haunt the property to this day.

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Don Jail

The Don Jail is known as one of the most haunted buildings in the city. It was the site of many deaths by hanging, including those of Ronald Turpin and Arthur Lucas. The jail was known for its inhumane conditions. Human remains have even been found on the property in recent years. Considering what went on at this site, it's no surprise that paranormal activity has been reported in recent years.

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Royal York Hotel

The Royal York Hotel was once the site of excess glamour as the site where actresses, socialites, and politicians would gather. To this day, their former ballroom is said to be the site of paranormal activity, and guests who sleep underneath it often hear music and people talking. It's also said that the porter was found hanging on the 19th floor and can still be seen floating around there from time to time.

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Grenadier Pond

Grenadier Pond is located on the west side of High Park. The pond is rumoured to have ghosts in residence who were guards of the park that died during the Indian wars. To this day, visitors skating on the rink have an odd sense of being watched.

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The Keg Mansion

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