Groupon is probably one of the best things to happen in terms of saving damn money and still being able to do pretty cool stuff. If you're anything like me, I enjoy trying new things - but unfortunately as a student, the funds aren't always there, but that doesn't mean you can't go and enjoy your self.

There's a lot more to do than you think, so don't limit yourself. Check out the compiled list below, something may just spark your interest.

1. Go 401-Mini-Indy Go-Karting And Mini-Golfing

Groupon Price: $29

Your Savings: 52%

Buy It Here!

2. Indulge In A Wine-Crafting Experience

Groupon Price: $39

Your Savings: 57%

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Photo Cred - Groupon

3. Experience The "ET: The Extra Terrestrial" Ochestra

Groupon Price: $34

Your Savings: 40%

Buy It Here!

4. Drink And Enjoy A Night Of Karaoke

Groupon Price: $35

Your Savings: 46%

Buy It Here!

5. Visit Reptilia

Groupon Price: $9

Your Savings: 44%

Buy It Here!

6. Learn How To Salsa And Bachata

Groupon Price: $45

Your Savings: 74%

Buy It Here!

7. Attend A Scuba Diving Course

Groupon Price: $49

Your Savings: %51

Buy It Here!

Photo  Cred - Groupon

8. Visit The Fantasy Fair

Groupon Price: $29.99

Your Savings: 32%

Buy It Here!

9. Check Out Medieval Times

Groupon Price: $31

Your Savings: 48%

Buy It Here!

10. Attend A Stand-Up Comedy Show At Yuk Yuks

Groupon Price: $22

Your Savings: 48%

Buy It Here!

11. Watch "Shrek The Musical"

Groupon Price: $25

Your Savings: 55%

Buy It Here!

12. Go Paintballing

Groupon Price: $8

Your Savings: 80%

Buy It Here!

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