Before there were social media sites like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, we used the internet to browse sites such as Neopets and MapleStory. The internet was pretty innocent back then and we didn't have much to entertain ourselves with besides spending hundreds of hours on online games. However, we did online dating before there was ever Tinder (did anyone else have a Runescape boyfriend/girlfriend?)

Kids these days are playing games like League of Legends and Minecraft, but those of us who grew up in the late 90s and early 2000s know all the OG internet games. You've probably played at least a few, if not most, of these games. Here are 8 online games that will make you feel nostalgic.

1. Neopets

Remember sneaking onto Neopets in the computer lab in elementary school? Good times.

2. Club Penguin

#tbt to when bad words were censored.

3. MapleStory

Did anyone not play this game? I actually never got past level 12 (levelling up was hard back then, k.)

Photo cred – Wikia

4. Runescape

Runescape has undergone many changes since the good ol' days of the early 2000s. Remember begging for free st00f pl0x in Varrock Square?

5. World of Warcraft

The better version of Runescape you had to pay for.

6. AdventureQuest

The ratchet version of Runescape.

7. Habbo Hotel

Before social media, there were chatrooms in 2D spaces.

8. Coke Music

The Coca-Cola endorsed version of Habbo Hotel.

Photo cred – The Webby Awards

9. Miniclip

You probably played Club Penguin along with other games they had on here.

10. Newgrounds

You probably spent countless hours playing games on here as well.

11. Candystand

Can you even forget about playing games on here?


Somehow dressing up baby Krissy was addicting.

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