Let's be real, first dates can be pretty nerve-racking. But sometimes the most stressful part is finding a good place to go.  For your convenience and sanity, I've done the work and found you 12 great places to have your next first date in Hamilton.

Whether you're looking for a casual coffee shop, amazing dinner spot, or an unreal adventure destination -I have you covered!

So, if you've been waiting for a sign to say yes to a date, or ask somebody out, this is it!  Hopefully after going to one of these spots you'll win a second date, good luck!

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1. Mezcal TNT //150 James St S.

Taking a first date for tacos is the best idea for two reasons... 

1. You get to find out if they like tacos (which is a huge deal breaker).

2. If the date sucks,  you still get to eat tacos.

Either way, it's a win, so head to Mezcal if you're looking for an amazing first date.

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2. Gage Park Tropical Greenhouse // 1000 Main St E.

This is an awesome option if you're looking to escape the winter weather, or if you're just looking for a free date idea. Head into Gage Park and be sure to check out their tropical greenhouse!

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3. Mulberry Street Coffeehouse // 193 James St N.

If you know your date is a coffee lover, feed their addiction at the Mulberry Cafe.  This cozy spot has ample seating, making it the perfect atmosphere to get to know each other over a latte!

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4. Tews Falls // Harvest Rd.

This is a great first date idea if you're both a little more on the outdoorsy side.  If you're looking for a more challenging hike with a spectacular view, then Tews is the way to go! Plus if you run out of things to talk about, you can just talk about how sick the waterfall is!

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5. The Hamilton Flea // 319 N 3rd St.

The Hamilton Flea is a relatively new event in Hamilton, but it seems that each one is getting better and better!  You'll be able to window shop with your date, as well as stroll through some cool historic buildings that are not normally open to the public in Hamilton!

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6. Cootes Paradise // Dundas

This is a cheap option that will get your out of the house, so what do you have to lose?! Plus, if you and your date are dog lovers elevate the stress and bring along your furry friends as well! It's always nice to have a familiar face on a first date, even if that's just your puppy!

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7. Finch On Locke // 129 Locke St S.

Finch on Locke is an adorable little coffee shop with an even cuter back patio.  This is a great spot to get to know one another and bond over all the yummy drinks!

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8. Webster Falls // Harvest Road, Dundas

Webster falls is beautiful in every season, so don't skip out on this date destination even if its not summer time! This hike is a lot less strenuous and will allow a lot of time for you to get to know one another while they enjoy nature.

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9. Arcade Bar // 107 George St.

If you're looking for a first date destination that can offer you a little liquid courage, head to Arcade. Arcade is an awesome laid back bar that has free old school video games with the purchase of a drink.

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10. The Ship // 23 Augusta St.

The Ship is another great restaurant / bar option if you're looking for something a little more traditional.  Be sure to hit up their super cute back patio, equipped with fairy lights and a spacious deck!

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11. Devil's Punch Bowl // Ridge Rd, Stoney Creek

The Devil's Punch Bowl is another outdoor option that is beautiful during any time of the year!  This super cool natural phenomenon makes for an amazing photo op as well, so if either of you are into photography then this is a great spot to check out.

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12. Hambrgr // 49 King William St.

If your date is a foodie, take them to Hambrgr where they can enjoy a creative twist on a classic meal.  Hambrgr offers a cozy and laid back atmosphere, which will hopefully take the edge off your first date butterflies!

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