Dating in Toronto is really hard. In a city full of fvck boys (and girls), it can be hard to know whether the person you're talking to is actually a good fit. That's because the way that people present themselves over a casual coffee or beer makes it difficult to discover their true colours.

In order to really get to know your date, take them on a more unconventional outing. From a puppetry workshop to an indoor obstacle course, here are 11 places to take a date if you really want to get to know them.

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1. Tot the Cat Cafe

If you're an animal lover, it's probably important for you to find someone who shares that passion. See what your date is like around animals at Tot The Cat Cafe, a coffee shop where customers can interact with the resident cats. If his eyes well up with tears at the sight of little Sprinkles the kitten, he's a keeper!

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2. Real Escape Game T.O.

Nothing brings people together better than being forced to solve a problem. Real Escape Game T.O. is one of the most prominent escape rooms in Toronto for a reason. The nerve-wracking game keeps players at the edge of their seats and will force you and your date to put your heads together and think of a solution. The date will also show you how he/she deals with stressful situations, which will be v important in the long run.

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3. Saint Lawrence Market 

People's food choices are often personal and sentimental. For a unique date, suggest meeting at Saint Lawrence Market and sampling foods from its various vendors. You'll get a sense of what their tastes are, plus it's a fun way to bond over foods you like/dislike.

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4. Snakes and Lattes

Unleash your inner kid at Snakes and Lattes, a board game cafe where you can sip a latte while playing monopoly. Getting to know each other over a board game is a great way to break the ice and can also reveal whether your date has as a more competitive or playful nature. If she throws her drink because she lost a round of Jenga, she's probably not the one.

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5. BATL Grounds

No one wants to date someone with a bad temper. A good way to weed out the crazies is by taking them to Batl Grounds. You'll both get high off of the thrill of throwing an axe while learning more about each others anger management skills. If she enjoys this activity a little too much, that might be a sign in itself...

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6. Pursuit OCR Indoor Obstacle Course 

Pursuit OCR is an indoor obstacle course open to people of all fitness levels. Completing the course together will teach you to work together while also unleashing a healthy level of competition. At the very least, this outing will give you a sense of your date's fitness level. If he takes the obstacle course too seriously and tries to show off his athletic ability, it's a hard pass.

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7. Sky Zone

Sky Zone is an indoor trampoline park. With wall to wall trampolines, dodgeball, and ball pits, it'll give you and your date a chance to get playful with each other. It will also give you an idea of whether your date can let loose or whether they take themselves a little too seriously.

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8. Harry Potter Trivia at the Lockhart

Everyone says they're a Harry Potter fan, but do you want to make sure that your date is the real deal? Test their HP knowledge by taking them to trivia night at the Lockhart. You can bond over your favourite characters and your prospective houses. If they don't know who Peeves is, make a run for it.

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9. Calligraphy Class at Neilson Park Creative Centre 

Get your artistic juices flowing with a calligraphy class at Neilson Park Creative Centre. Not only will you both learn a new skill, but you'll also learn more about their creative side.

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10. Puppetry Tutorial at Puppetmongers

Sense of humour is key in any relationship. Encourage your date to get silly at a Puppetmongers tutorial, where you learn the tricks of a puppateer. Not only is it sure to break the ice, but you'll probably get some laughs out of it as well. If he begins to become too attached to the puppet, well then, you know what to do.

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11. Salsa Dancing at Lula Lounge

People don't dance like the used to. Rather than heading to the club to bump and grind, why not learn the art of Salsa dancing? You'll learn to work together and will show you how willing your date is to try new things

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12. Ikea

They say you haven't faced struggles as a couple until you've taken your first trip to Ikea. Why not bite the bullet and get it over with ASAP? Share your life goals over a plate of meatballs and pick out your favourite model rooms. At the most, you'll figure out how serious they are about settling down one day. If that doesn't work, you can get them to push you in the fun cart. Win win!

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