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In the last decade or so, more and more TV shows have started being filmed here in Toronto. Filming in Canada in general has increase lately, and it's pretty cool. It's now become pretty common to just see actors from TV shows you watch on set as you walk out of the subway. Here's a few of the shows you may have recently seen being filmed in our city.


Judging by the fact that my roommate recently saw Hugh Dancy at JFK airport boarding a plane to Toronto, (and by the fact that filming for season 3 started a month ago), it's safe to say that you could easily still run into your favourite Hannibal character somewhere in the city. Let's hope it's not Hannibal himself.

Warehouse 13

I'm really gonna miss this show, and I know I'm not the only one. The last season of Warehouse 13 just ended in May, but while it was airing, it was always funny when they came out of a building that was so obviously in U of T like it wasn't even a thing.


This show was full on Toronto all the time. You can see TTC stations, York University campus, and even the CN Tower at different points on the show. It took a while for the show to openly acknowledge being set in Toronto, but if you're ready for a rewatch, go back and see just how Toronto police cars are chillin' all over the place every episode.

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Lost Girl

Although it hasn't lasted as long as Degrassi (seriously, what has?), Lost Girl has had a good 5 year run. You may have seen it airing in different parts of the city and the GTA, but since filming for season 5 ended a little while ago, and the show doesn't plan to come back after that, we won't be seeing shooting for this show anymore.


Nikita was a badass show when it was on the air, and even though it just ended last year, it'll always be in our hearts. It's still fun to look back on the show and try and guess where in Toronto everything was filmed.


It's lots of fun spotting shooting for this show around town. Season 4 of Suits just ended, but it's been renewed, so keep your eyes peeled next time you're in the Financial District, and you could watch an episode of season 5 being filmed!

Bomb Girls

This show was mad cute while it was on the air, and it's funny to think that most of it was filmed in a factory in Etobicoke. Bomb Girls ended in 2013, but fans have already started a campaign to get it brought back, so who knows. We might see it here in our city again.

Orphan Black

Not only is Orphan Black filmed here, it takes place in Toronto too. And it's really fun watching a show and hearing them reference places you go to all the time. You may have seen them filming all around downtown last year. The 2nd season ended a few months ago, so filming for season 3 should be starting sometime soon. Stoked!

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This show takes place between Toronto and New York, but almost all of filming happens here. Don't be surprised if you see season 2 being shot around town over the next few months, and when it starts airing, check out how much of "New York" is just different parts of the Toronto downtown core.

The Listener

Fans of the Listener had to say goodbye to it for good this summer, but there's always binge watching old episodes if you want to see just how Torontonian this show was.

The Firm

Although it only lasted a year, the Firm had an intense run. More importantly, it also proved that not only can you make Toronto look like New York and Chicago, but Washington DC too. Good to know, The Firm.


Sci Fi fans will be excited to hear that they'll soon be able to see season 3 of this show being filmed around town. I don't know what it is about science fiction shows, but most of them are filmed in Canada. Either way, keep your eyes peeled over the next few months, because production should be starting in not too long.

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