A lot of people will try and tell you that vacations don't count unless they're out of the country and those people, my friends, are wrong. There are so many quick, easy and most importantly affordable vacations you can go on without crossing the border. 

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When you're away with your S/O, things can get expensive pretty quickly - what with dinners, drinks, excursions etc. These select romantic getaways will be sure not to break the bank while still being picturesque and cute af. 

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1. Niagara Falls, ON // 1hr away 

Although Drake kind of shaded this vacay spot, it still makes an easy spot on our list. Niagara Falls isn't all that far away and is super accessible via a cheap Megabus or a car ride. Try staying here

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2. Balsam Lake, ON // 2 hrs away 

You don't need to have a cottage to have a good time up north! You can always grab a tent or sleep in the back of your car a-la-teen years. Provincial parks usually range from $25-50 to stay in for the night, making this a stay both of you can for sure afford. Try booking this waterfront spot! 

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3. Turkey Point, ON // 2 hrs away 

Turkey Point is generally a little bit warmer than Toronto thanks to good ol' Lake Erie. There are 2kms of sandy beach for you to run or walk, paved roads for biking and a provincial park to pitch your tents! If you want a bit more coverage however, this spot is affordable and close to the water

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4. Sandbanks Provincial Park, ON // 2.5 hours away 

Smack dab in the super trendy Prince Edward County, Sandbacks makes for a good, affordable alternative to the pricey motels and hotels of the area. Save your cash by camping instead and use the extra dollars at all of the artisanal in-town shops and bars. This little spot is as easy on the wallet as it is on the eyes. 

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5. Breakers @ Cobourg Beach // 2 hrs away 

Breakers is a lakeside resort that sits on one of the most beautiful lakes! A lovely, low key spot with affordable room rates and lots of privacy! If Breakers is a bit too full for your liking, the Air BnBs on this beautiful beach are stupid reasonable, like this one for $115 a night

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6. Algonquin Park // 3 hrs away

You can forget the tent if you want to! Algonquin, along with many other parks, has cabin-style residence for you and your boo if you so choose. Rates in Algonquin start at $55 a night for a cozy cabin. 

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7. OTENTiks @ Thousand Islands National Park, ON // 3hrs away 

This tent/cabin hybrid is a super unique way to vacation, with tons of space and not a ton of 0's attached to the price tag! For now, these structures are only available at Thousand Islands Park in Canada. Book/inquire here

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8. Muskoka, ON // 2hrs away 

Though it might not be everyone's first thought when it comes to an affordable vacation, Springlake Resort might be the cheapest way to stay in this region. Part motel, part lakeside resort, this place has the best access to the lake for the best price tag. 

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9. Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON // 1.5 hours away 

Forgo the adorable motels and hotels for when you have a bit more cash. Grabbing an Air BnB nearby makes this stay budget and bae friendly. There are still a million things to do in this picturesque place, from riding in a horse-drawn carriage (seriously) to picnicking along the water. This one is incredibly picturesque and budget friendly @ $125 per night

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10. Hamilton, ON // Under an hour 

Don't hate on Ham, ok?! Easily one of the most underrated place to visit in terms of its reputation. An AirBnb in the hammer is c h e a p. Which means you have all the more to spend at cool rock shows, quiet cafes and novelty shops. Where else can you rent an apartment for $80 a night?! Right here.  

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11. Buffalo, NY // 1.5 hours away 

Don't underestimate this quick trip over the border! Buffalo's a lot cuter than you'd expect. Hit up some of the outlet malls before retiring to your cheap af room ($38!!!!!!!) here

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12. Oro-Medonte, ON // 1.5hr 

Whether you're heading to WayHome or not this year, Oro-Medonte is still worth checking out. This quiet town has a handful of resorts to hang out at for the day, allowing all of the luxury for none of the luxury price! How aboutthis lakefront spot for you your S/O?! 

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