Snapchat keeps us in the city loop. It lets us know when the cherry blossoms at Trinity Bellwoods have bloomed and when Rob Ford is seen at a major intersection. Here's a list of 12 typical snapchats you'll always get from Toronotians. As much as you hate them all, you've probably sent them all.

1. Death By Library

*Breaking news* guys: studying = torture. Whether you’re at Robarts or at the Ryerson Library, odds are you’re not alone, you’re taking a Tim’s break every 15 minutes, and you’re Snapchatting all the passed-out engineer folk-- anything to avoid the reality of your exam in 8 hours.

2. Smog

The way the skyscrapers disappear into the clouds, the way Mother Nature reminds us of our disgusting carbon footprint--it just looks cool, yano? Oh yeah and I’m at Bay & Adelaide on my lunch break in case anyone’s looking for me.

Photo Cred - Urban Toronto

3. Views From The 6ix

It’s nice having rich friends who have condos in Liberty Village, isn’t it? Please, let us all know how Toronto looks from yet another balcony at night. The CN Tower is RED tonight?! No way.

4. The Weber’s Sign

On your way to/from Muskoka, be sure to snap confirmation of your presence at Weber’s as a nice fuck you to all your hungry friends stuck in the city for the long weekend.

5. Cab selfies

The cab Snapchat: the one you never remember taking and are usually embarrassed of. Especially if you were in the backseat and weren’t wearing underwear. Awks.

6. New Lingo

A big part of Toronto culture is our innate ability to integrate Internet culture into our lives. We’re not (all) idiots, it’s called colloquial expression, okay? It’s fucking funny. Here’s a Snap, you thot.

7. Leafs/Raptors Games

“I paid a lot of money to be here and you deserve to know! Cheers!”

Photo Cred -National Post

8. Weather Rage

There’s a lot to be upset about, but don’t get your frozen nostril hairs up in a twist. It’s winter and you live in Canada. This is nothing new. Don’t forget your vitamin D3 supplement and balaklava and please remember to spare a little change for the homeless so they can warm up too. Alternatively, if it's the summer, you'll get heatwave rage snaps of people complaining or frying eggs on their driveways.

9. Pearson Airport Chillz

Kind of an impolite way to tell your friends you’re about to leave the country, but whatever! You’re like, a world traveller.

10. Your Brunch Meal

If you’re between the ages of 18-­26, have an iPhone, and went to summer camp as a child, chances are eating a meal without taking a photo first gives you anxiety. To commemorate the beautiful presentation and to share a little virtual piece of your gourmet lobster benedict from La Société, add it to your Snapchat Story.

11. Bottlezzzz On Bottlezzzz

Nothing says "GTA" like a snapchat of Friday night bottle service. Was $500+ really worth guarding your two bottles in a corner at Lost and Found, waiting for the ladies to flock? Maybe, if you weren't busy adding it to your story (for the maximum of 10 seconds, of course). Odds are, the girls talking to you were just distractions for their friends' claws to creep in and top up their cranberry vods with your booze. Sorry.

12. Day Off Lounging On The Thompson Rooftop

UGHHHHHHH, your life is sewww hard. How do you manage? Seriously, how do you endure its hardships and labours? Torontonians like 3 things: SWIMMING POOLS, alcohol, and rooftops. You just combined them all and blew our fucking minds. Now excuse us while we return to the office from a 15-minute social media break in the bathroom stall.

*Snapchats were generated with snapsr.

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