If there's one thing we can agree on, it's that people from the 6ix know how to party. Toronto is a happening city and as jam packed as the days can get, the nights get even better. Especially when you're young and having fun.

Night life lovers also understand that as fun as a night out can get, partying in Toronto is a whole different fire. Despite the process, nothing can really stop a true Toronto bar star from letting loose.

1. The impossible pre (aka missions from the west, to the east, to the north) and final mission downtown.

Nothing makes or breaks a night out than the convenience of the pre. Everyone from Toronto knows the difficulties of planning a night out with your gals and guys straight from the get go. Traveling from what feels like the ends of the earth to pre because you live somewhere close to Ossington when your friend wants you to reach her house over at Leaside.

Photo cred - slackerwood

2. Picking an outfit that is socially acceptable to the Toronto night life scene.

Cute romper? Body con? Bright colours or sleek shades? These are the questions that haunt you. Toronto is full of beautiful people-- which means styles that are just as beautiful. So yes, the “dress to impress” standard is more than a little stressful.

3. Not calling in for guest list, and having it come back by paying $20 cover at the door.

Every Toronto bar star is guilty of it. How were you supposed to anticipate whether you were going to TJs or Cube tonight? With that, "go with the flow see what’s bumpin’ attitude" all our city goers are known for, you can’t be expected to plan so far in advance.

4. Being on guest list... but still missing it because the TTC was delayed.

So maybe you did think far ahead enough (‘cause that student life has you on the lookout for shit like reduced cover and ladies free before 11 signs). Too bad though, because chances are, no matter how much time you a lot yourself that streetcar on Bathurst or the 29 bus to Dufferin ain’t comin’ in clutch for you. It’s okay. You tried.

Photo cred- Tumblr

5. Meeting up with the woes.

This might be the most frustrating thing to Toronto bar stars. There’s always going to be that one friend who couldn’t reach the pre. Whether they finished work right at 10pm or live on the north end and only wants to take the train down, chances are you’ll already be fairly drunk and so looking for them on the street is just a lost cause.

Photo cred- myniceprofile

6. Getting frustrated when the DJ doesn’t play Drizzy.

There’s nothing worse than a club that plays music you can’t amp up to, but a club that won’t play your Drake request’s is just borderline unpatriotic. ‘Cause at the end of the night, all ya gotta do is put ya mind to this shit.

Photo cred- sadhoodlums

7. Thinking you recognized someone you know, but then realizing either a) you instagram creeped them real hard, or b) they were on Degrassi.

As big of a city as Toronto is, it has a small world dynamic. The “6 degrees of separation” phenomena is notorious because chances are you’re definitely going to recognize that cute guy who went to St. Mike’s or that girl who’s a new regular on Degrassi (which is basically as top shelf celeb status as it gets in Toronto).

8. The jacked up alcohol prices.

Whether it’s that $8 bar rail or that $200 bottle service, it's all the same. All you can do is blame it on the a-a-a-a-a-alcohol.

9. Staying at the club until last call... then realizing that was also last call for the subway.

Screw your metropass. When 2am comes around and the drinks run dry, you can bet that the train taking you home ain’t gonna be there for you either.

10. Having to pay for a $25 cab ride (because you previously decided to choose TLC over the TTC).

Count yourself lucky for not getting tricked into a $60 flat rate from Toronto cab drivers. Everyone from Toronto knows that whether you live close to the annex, far off into the beaches, or up at the bridal path, the bare minimum from downtown to your house will probably be over $20. This scenario includes the fact that it’s prime uber peak hours and the cost of those sky rocket.

11. Either going home with the man of your dreams or the future serial killer talked about on Breakfast Television.

This one speaks hard to those coming back from small university towns. Meeting someone out in Toronto calls for the potential for some skeevy behaviour.

Photo cred - Tumblr

12. Your parents turning into a Stage 5.

It always happens. To top it off, it’ll happen when you least expect it. One day it’s all fine and chill, coming back from a night out at 3am... then the next thing you know your Mom’s keeping tabs and calling you up to come home before midnight.

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