Summer is coming quickly and it’s about that time of year your parents are nagging you to find a summer job. Being a student, there’s much more flexibility on where and what your summer job is. This is the ultimate time to have fun and unique jobs that you may not be able to have once you graduate. Here is a lit of some jobs that you shouldn’t skip applying to this summer, hey, you may even end up with one that makes all your friends jealous!

1. Tree planting

Head out west for the summer and land a job planting trees. What makes this job so cool? Well first of all, you’re helping the environment, get to get a mean tan while you spend your day outdoors in the summer weather, plus you can make a fortune doing this for just a few short months. FYI tree planting is a lot of hard work, so if you don't plan on having a job that requires physical labour, maybe skip this one.


2. Become an Au Pair

There are several programs that can match just about anyone up with a family in another country to au pair for the summer (or longer). Europe especially is always looking for au pairs, and not only is it a fun job, you also have the opportunity to travel while you’re there. Can't travel to another country to work? Many people look for nanny's in the summer while their kids are out of school, so seek out jobs in your own city.


3. WWOOFing

WWOOFing, otherwise known as World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms, allows you to experience rural country living in countries around the world. All programs are a bit different but most either provide you free room and board for the exchange of working on the farm, or for a small fee you can live on the farm and make money as you work.


4. Camp Counselor

Another fun job that allows you to be silly and play games all day, plus be outdoors the majority of the time. Switch things up a bit, and apply for a camp counselor job anywhere in the world for the summer, but make sure you don't wait to apply. Many of these positions fill up early.


5. Festival/Event Intern

Work at some of the hottest events, concerts, and festivals of the summer. Find event venues in the city like the Molson Amphitheatre, Exhibition Place, Harbourfront Centre, the Rogers Centre, or even local business improvement areas (BIA) to find out if they’re hiring or looking for interns for the upcoming busy season. Many popular event venues will also host job fairs leading up to the summer months, so keep your eyes peeled.

Molson Ampitheatre Job Fair

6. Experiential Marketing

There are a lot of great experiential marketing and promotion jobs for students out there that allow you to make good money, plus do some pretty cool marketing initiatives for different brands. Some promo companies may assign you to a specific brand for the summer, or some may switch you around weekly, keeping things fresh and interesting. Often these jobs are also great because they won't involve you working every day, yet you'll still make a good chunk of money.


7. Freelance

Are you going to school for something that you can do on a freelance basis from home? Freelancing is a great chance to get industry experience while working from just about anywhere. Seek out clients that are looking for help on specific projects, or purpose your services or ideas to clients that look like they may need your help.


8. On Campus Jobs

One of the best ways to have a flexible and fun job is to work on campus. Most students think campuses close in the summer, but they don’t and often have many job openings for students. Get a job giving campus tours, prepping for frosh week, or working in residence for the summer (many residences turn to hotels or hostels for the summer months).

Check your local college or universities websites.

9. Beer/Alcohol Promo

Hangout at cool events and in liquor and beer stores, and make peoples day by letting them sample liquor, beer and wine. Being an alcohol promotions person can be a fun, social job, and a great way to make money that doesn't require you to usually work 7 days a week. Plus, who wouldn't want this job as a student?


10. Office Administration

Everyone envies that person who lands their first office job. Why? Because it is the closest thing you can usually get to a grownup job when you're still a student. Skip waiting tables and working in retail, and opt to try and find an office job. Many offices have openings for students in the summer, or extra work around the office that a student can help with, even if it is just filing and paper shredding, at least you can feel all professional working in an office environment.


11. Lifeguard

Spend your summer getting a wicked tan on the beach or by the pool. Being a lifeguard requires more training and experience then many of these other jobs. You actually have to go through the courses and training to become one, but if you're already certified, take advantage of it while you can!


12. Landscaping

Another job that lets you be outside in the beautiful weather all summer. Plus when it rains, it's very unlikely you'll be stuck working in it. Whether it's mowing lawns, gardening, and/or planting, landscaping is a great way to make good money, and enjoy the outdoors.


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