Mexicans are known to be the largest subgroup of Latin Americans in Canada. In comparison to other provinces, the majority of Mexican Canadians live right here in Toronto. There are plenty of places in the city that are influenced by the Mexican culture: whether it's a restaurant, a bar or your local food isle - Mexican culture is vibrant, influential and delicious in nature.

1. You've been to Latin World at Bloor and Landsdowne for imported Mexican groceries AND cheap tacos!

You legitimately feel like you're in Mexico once you step inside. All those Mexican candies we grew up on are patiently waiting to be bought and devoured. Not only is it a grocery store, they're known for their freshly made food too. As a Mexican, we know how hard it is to find a place that actually knows the art behind making a good taco. However, Latin World understands that authentic Mexican taste that every single taco should embody. But, I didn't even tell you the best part - every day of the week, certain dishes go on special for ONE DOLLAR. ONE!

But seriously, I'm craving carnitas now.

2. If you're looking to indulge in a Mexican Beer, you've definitely been to the Latin World on St.Clair West

Although it is a Salvadorian based location, this location still serves Mexican beers such as Corona, Modelo or Dos XX. However, if you're feeling cultural, you've probably ordered a michelada -mexican cerveza, lime juice, sauces, spices and peppers. Yes, we even put hot sauce in our drinks.

3. When you're on the search for pan dulce, pan de muerto or la rosca de reyes, you find yourself at Pancho's Bakery.

It really is A Taste Of Mexico. 

4. You identify Kensington Market as Little Mexico.


5. You and your family have gone to celebrate Mexico's Independence day at Nathan Phillips Square or JJP.

And wherever it's going to be held next year, you will probably be there.

6. When you're craving an authentic cold Mexican treat, Seven Lives Paleteria literally saves your life.

I mean, I prefer paletas or a mangonada, but their Dole Whip Float is delicious. You seriously can't get it anywhere else.

7. Your mom says a prayer and blesses you before leaving the house, especially if you live in the hood.

Mind you, your mom is going to recite La Bendición no matter what, but she'll definitely over do it if you live in a neighbourhood like Jane and Woolner or South Riverdale.

8. You find yourself at Fiction Nightclub on Wednesday Nights.

Cumbia. Salsa. Bachata. Reggaeton -'nuff said.

9. It's a night out, so you suggest El Caballito Tequila Bar when the tequila craving is real.

Depending on how intense you're feeling, there's a type of tequila for just about anyone. A shot of Don Aurelio Añejo anyone?

10. You attended a catholic school.

You know that your family fronts like they're hella religious (except your Abuelita, you know that she genuinely is).

11.  You know where to find the best tortas in Toronto!

Torteria San Cosme is the spot for traditional street style Mexican sandwiches. Anything that has refritos, crema, pollo and manchego cheese, I'm so in!

12. When musical icon Juan Gabriel passed away, you attended the "Toronto Se Despide De Juan Gabriel" memorial or celebrated his legacy at Lula Lounge.


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