Torontonians are a special breed of human. We see things differently than other cities, we think differently than other cities, and ultimately we talk a little differently as well.

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That's not to say we have a totally whole new language of our own (Although our Turruno slang, does get out of control sometimes). I'm just saying that there's a good chance that sometimes we say things that have a totally different meaning. Still have no idea what I'm talking about? Check these out.

1. Torontonians On Going Out:

What they say: I think we should go somewhere low key and new tonight!

What they mean: I can't afford cover at a King St bar.

2. Torontonians On Food:

What they say: I don't care where we go.

What they Mean: I totally care where we go and if you pick a bad spot I will judge you hardcore. Toronto doesn't fvck around when it comes to food.

3. Torontonians On Exercise:

What they say: I jog everyday. 

What they mean:  I'm late everyday and therefor have to sprint to the TTC.

4. Torontonians On Sports:

What they say: The Leafs suck!

What they mean: The Leafs suck but I will always love them regardless.

5. Torontonians On Drake:

What they say: Ya I'm friends with Drake.

What they mean:  My cousin's friends girlfriend saw him at Frings once.

6. Torontonians On Dating:

What they say: I'm not that into him/her.

What they mean: I frequent the Locals Only all the time in hopes of running into him/ her by "accident".

7. Torontonians On Healthy Living:

What they say: I'm on a cleanse.

What they mean:  I'm really hungover after Early Mercy, but will probably be back there next weekend.

8. Torontonians On Tourism:

What they say: The CN tower is so overrated and touristy.


9. Torontonians On Finance: 

What they say: I'm so broke right now.

What they mean:  I spent all my money on food on King St and shopping at Eaton's Centre. (NO RAGRETS)

10. Torontonians On Exploring Toronto By Foot:

What they say: Oh! I'm so down to walk!

What they mean: It's rush hour and there's no way in hell I'm fighting for a seat on the King St streetcar.

11. Torontonians On School

What they say: Ya I go to UofT

What they mean: I'm drowning in a pile of work and need someone to hug me...

 12. Torontonians On Torontonians:

What they say: People from Toronto are great!

What they mean:  People from Toronto are great... including me!

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