In the typical routine of day to day of a relationship, you tend to forget what's important. Somtimes it's the little things that are overlooked; when really they are what matters the most.

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So maybe your guy doesn't constantly post overly mushy Instagram posts of you, or surprise you with lavish gifts for no aparent reason. But if that's what makes a relationship worth it for you, then perhaps you need to reevaluate if you should even be in one...  I truly believe it's these simple things that you shouldn't take for granted are the ones that will make you the happiest. So what are they exactly? 

1. When he listens to you complain about your friends.

Truth be told he probably doesn't care what Becca said, but he knows you care. 

2. When he tries to cuddle you for as long as physically possible until he gets too hot. 

Guys body temperatures are naturally lower than ours, thus there's a good chance even though you're perfectly cozy, he's dying of a heatstroke. 

3. When he tries something new for you.

Based on personal experience, men sometimes get stuck in their ways. They like familiarity and comfort.  So if you have a guy like that and he tries something new with you (whether it's his first pedi or his first time eating Indian food) don't take it for granted. 

4.  When he does notice your new outfit/hair/makeup/etc. 

9 times out of 10, he may be totally oblivious if something has changed about your appearance. Do your best not to focus on the 9 times and instead focus on the 1 times he actually DOES notice. 

5.  When he asks how your day was. 

I don't care how trivial this sounds,  and I'm sure you're thinking "that's a pretty standard thing that doesn't deserve much praise'. Yes and no: it's a normal thing for you because you have a boyfriend who cares to hear about your day and who wants to have you share your experience with him, but not everyone is so lucky. Like I said, it's really the small things that are important. 

6.  When he does those annoying things you don't want to do. 

"I haven't pumped my own gas for two years" is an actual sentence my friend said when I asked her for her input on this article. I highly doubt her boyfriend WANTS to pump her gas, just like I highly doubt boyfriends want to kill spiders, open jars, fix lightbulbs, etc, etc. He does those things because he likes you enough to do it for go say thank you. 

7.  When he brings you back down to earth. 

While I think that couples should be 1000% supportive of each other, sometimes everyone needs a reality check. Sometimes you need to be told you're wrong and honestly, it's not an easy task.  He doesn't want to hurt your feelings but at the same time he knows sometimes what you need to hear isn't want you want to hear. 

8. When he gives you the last/better/bigger piece.

He wants that pizza just as much as you, possibly even more, but he gives it to you anyways so gdamnit JUST BE THANKFUL. 

9. When he shares his innermost feelings and thoughts with you. 

Some people have a problem opening up, both girls and guys, so if ANYONE decides to share their inner world with you, you should take that as a sign of comfort and more importantly, trust. 

10. When he gets your favourite anything. 

HE PAID ATTENTION. HE PUT A WHOLE PLAN INTO ACTION. HE DID A THING!! And next time you try and start a petty fight about nothing, remember how different your life was before he got you that card holder you wanted so bad. 

11. That 99% of the time, you always have a +1 somwhere. 

Even if everyone else bails on you, you always have your significant other to take you to that new resto, that awckward work event you don't want to go to, or pretty much anywhere else. 

12. That ultimately he chose you. 

You are not his option, you are his choice, and that's the number one thing to never take for granted. 

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