Despite the rumours, Scarborough is still be a relatively interesting place to visit. Many residents of the district will probably tell you never to go there, but I think there are still a few things that are worth seeing at least once!

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Here are 12 things you'll only see in Scarborough:

A mall that's always full even if it's not Black Friday or Boxing Day

STC is forever packed.

Some of the most glorious views of Lake Ontario

The Bluffs are a little pocket of paradise in a seemingly concrete jungle.

Lots and lots of potholes.

The Lawrence Ave E stretch through Scarborough is particularly brutal.

Citizens that fearlessly jaywalk on Lawrence to get to Scarborough Gen

They think the yellow lines of the centre turning lane will protect them.

The entire population at the STC Cineplex on Tuesdays

Half-price Tuesdays is always a hit.

Everybody at the Jack Astors on Progress Ave during Raptors games

Let's be real - it's probably the best place to be especially during playoffs.

One of the biggest gatherings of carnivores in the city every summer

The Scarborough Ribfest is one of the best ribfests around!

The largest horde of students in plaid skirts and grey McCarthy's pants you've ever seen

There are over 50 Catholic schools in Scarborough alone.

Perhaps the most measly LRT in the history of LRTs

Sorry not sorry...

The best patties ever

At Warden Station or Allan's.

An allegedly haunted bridge

Good ol' Old Finch.

The infamous Guild Inn

Where Drake filmed Headlines.

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