Toronto is such a unique city. Among its several great qualities are a slew of fairly odd ones. It's a good mix to have, because that means there's never a dull moment for us Torontonians!

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Here are 12 things you'll only see in Toronto:

1. Seemingly all of the world's ethnicities in a single classroom.

It's like the world in a snapshot.

Photo deadraccoonto

2. A raccoon sidewalk funeral.

I honestly don't even know...

3. This shady Nova Scotia billboard.

Halifax wanna scrrrap??

4. Subway stations that apparently have their own unique smells.

And surprisingly, Warden Station does not smell like Jamaican patties.

Photo credTwitter/YouTube

5. Politicians that are genuinely loved.

We got a few of them. It's a Trump-free zone. #Holla

6. Regina George's mansion.

I know. Pretty fetch.

7.  A half house.

Literally a house cut in half.

8.  A "Chamber of Secrets".

Kinda but not really.

9. Uber/Taxi wars.

A.K.A. the most annoying cab protests ever.


10. Fashion Santa.

That is, a lean and hot version.

11. The world's first "Biblio-mat".

It spits out random books. It just spits out random books.

12. Me.

I'm one of a kind yo. ?

Yeah... That last one was a joke okay?? (But I mean, technically it's true ?) What other things do you only see in Toronto?

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