Photography is a form of art and the artist holding the camera can truly know how to work magic. These individuals are creative on a total different level and their talent is clearly reflected in their images. They know how to capture from a perfect angle and always catch people at their best moment.

You may have seen them snapping shots at the hottest nightclubs on King street or noticed their images while scrolling through various Toronto profiles on Instagram. Some of them have even captured images of Hollywood's biggest celebrities visiting in Toronto. Are you looking for that photographer who took an awesome pic of you and your friends last weekend? Do you want a portfolio with a collection of beautiful photos?  Here's a list of 12 Toronto photographers that will make you look flawless in every photo:

via @iamchrisreign

Chris Reign

via @yudnguyen


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Max Jamali

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via @courtneyn49

Courtney Cunningham

via @drewharan

Drew Haran

via @mattbarnesphoto

Matt Barnes

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Bryan Chong

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Kay Chin Sang

via @thattorontophotographer

Daniel Camer

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Erwin Loewen

via @hrsonline123


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