Contrary to popular belief, not all Torontonians are well-mannered. Every now and then you'll come across someone in the city who just seems to have no concept of manners whatsoever.

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Such is unfortunate because being a decent person doesn't take much effort at all. For the most part, following these 12 simple etiquette rules is enough to make anybody a relatively modest person in Toronto:

1. Walk on the left side of the escalator, stand on the right side.

It's really that simple.

2. Wait for people to exit the TTC first, instead of barging in before they're even out.

It saves everyone's time and patience.

3. Use your signal when you're looking to change lanes or exit the 401.

And don't tailgate either.

4. Don't save seats for your friends on the GO train during rush hour.

Seats are claimed with bums, not bags.

5. Clean up after yourself after eating at the food court.

Especially at the Eaton Centre. Don't be a slob.

6.  Avoid having chit chats in high traffic spots.

Stop having conversations in the middle of a main walkway.

7. Don't bother someone who clearly doesn't want to be bothered.

Big tip: if they have earphones in their ears, they probably aren't looking to strike a conversation with someone anytime soon.

8. Respect other people's space.

For example, there's no need to pee in the urinal right beside another man if there are plenty of other urinals or toilets available.

9. Don't use the middle turning lanes to cross the street.

Standing in the middle of the road between two solid lines of yellow paint won't protect you from getting hit by a car.

10. If a tram is already full, don't forcefully squeeze yourself in.

Wait for the next one.

11. Poop and scoop.

It's not your yard, so pick up after your dog.

12. Tip your server or bartender appropriately.

Good service deserves a good tip.

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