Canada is undeniably beautiful. To many outsiders, our country is a magical place where Prince Eric from The Little Mermaid rules over the land and humans live in unison with polar bears.

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But in actuality, Canada is just like any other country, with its own set of good and not-so-good qualities. Here are 13 brutally honest descriptions of each province and territory in Canada, as told through tourism postcards:

(Note: Inspiration for each slogan was taken from Reddit!)

Photo cred - maychau

BRITISH COLUMBIA - We got rain and weed!

ALBERTA - We fracking love it here!

SASKATCHEWAN - The plainest place on Earth (literally)

MANITOBA - Where it's winter all the time and my car won't start

Photo credskypebookings

ONTARIOThe self-proclaimed centre of the universe

Photo cred - expedia

QUEBEC - Toot de la froot

NOVA SCOTIA - Donair or die!

NEW BRUNSWICK - "Be... In this place" was actually our slogan once

PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND - If Canada was a redhead

NEWFOUNDLAND - Was once a newly found land

Photo cred - thewildrumor

YUKON - Visit us and we'll give you a klondike bar

NUNAVUT - Hard to colour in on a map but still fun to visit (we promise!)

NORTHWEST TERRITORIES - Not affiliated with Kim Kardashian's daughter

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