Lets get real, everyone could always use good karma! Whether it be finding money on the street, or grabbing your streetcar just in time, its totally bound to make your day.  These 13 random acts of kindness are sure to make somebodies day, and treat you to some good karma in the future.  Make sure to try out these tips and tricks this summer!

1. Offering up your seat on the TTC.

There are seats that are designated for the elderly and disabled.  If one is not available for those in need, take the opportunity for good karma and give up your seat.  Besides, standing burns more calories than sitting!

2. Giving someone your still valid parking pass.

If you're leaving the city and your parking pass is still valid, find someone looking for a spot and give them your parking pass.  Free parking is rare in this city, so you could totally make someones day!

3. Paying it forward at Tims.

If you're already getting yourself a coffee why not spend the extra dollar and hook someone up with a free iced coffee on a hot summers day?

4. Spotting someone a TTC Token.

Sometimes tokens literally disappear into the black abyss of your wallet.  If you have an extra token lying around pass it on to someone who needs it.

5. Volunteering at a local animal shelter.

There are tons of local shelters in the city that would be stoked to have your help.  Plus is it really work if you get to hang out with cute animals all day?

6. Giving food to the homeless.

So many restaurants in Toronto give out huge portion sizes.  Grab a to go box and offer up your food to the homeless!

7. Sharing your day pass.

This is honestly one of the best things that has ever happened to me.  You will literally make someones day if you give them your day pass and allow them to ride the TTC for free for the remainder of their day.

8. Help a parent out with their stroller.

Parenting is a full time job, and getting a stroller stuck in the door of a street car is not something moms and dads need to deal with.  Help them out by assisting with their stroller, or holding a door open.  They will be super grateful!

9. Donate Old Clothing.

We all have stuff in our closet that we have not touched in ages, why not give them to someone who will use them?  For your convince you can donate your gently used clothing at all HM locations, and maybe buy something new for yourself as a reward!

10. Switch seats at a Jays Game.

If you're sitting in front of a family with young kids, offer to swap seats!  A couple rows back wont make a difference, but for those under 4 feet this could be a total game changer.

11. Offer to take the tourist pics.

With summer coming Toronto is going to gain a lot of tourists.  If you see a group struggling to get all their members in a selfie, offer to take the pic!  It takes two seconds, and they will definitely appreciate the documented memory.

12. Bring your reusable cup to coffee.

Tons of coffee places will be happy to fill your reusable bottle or tumbler with your drink of choice, plus it helps out mother nature.

13. Compliment a Stranger

Nothing is better than a random compliment.  Whether it be on their outfit, their personality, or their looks, anything positive and respectful is always well received!

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