The streets of Toronto are filled with so many sights to see, foods to eat and people to meet. And although the general population of this busy city is pretty chill and awesome, it's safe to say that the streets of the 6ix are filled with basic bitches. Yes, basic bitch--- defined as someone who is unflinchingly upholding of the status quo and stereotypes of their gender without even realizing it, by Urban Dictionary. It's okay to admit it, and there's no shame in it either. Gurrrl, if you want to take squad photos with the CN Tower then you better slay queen! If you want to rep Toronto brand name threads with Adidas jogging pants then all hail to you. The best part of Toronto is that everyone is allowed to be who they are and no one's going to judge... well at least I won't.

So just to have some fun and call out your favourite basic bitches, here are a few phrases you're bound to hear or have already heard on the streets of Toronto by our very own Toronto basic bitches.

Just a disclaimer this article is 100% not to be taken seriously and is a light joke to laugh about in the midst of this middle child depressing month of November.

"Ayy, it's lit fam!"

Usually said in a group of basic bitches going to a club.

"OMG we need to have brunch together soon!"

Usually said while embraced in a hug you probably don't want to be in.

"Ahh, you have to check out this cute ice cream place in Toronto, it's so lit! It's called Sweet Jesus..."

Amazing, I applaud your amazing find. Really, I do.


But is it actually though?

"Sorry, is this vegan?"

Usually said for the third time to which this individual is probably not even vegan.

"Quick, take a photo of me.... okay take another, but this time I'll look away."

Usually taken with the CN tower in the background or in Graffiti Alley.

"GO JAYS!!!"

Usually written on an Instagram photo caption of a group of basics proudly wearing matching blue Jays shirts at a game.

"Runnin' thru the 6 with my woes"

You know how dat shit really, I do. And it usually ends up with someone drunk falling to the concrete ground of the Toronto streets.

"Let me just browse around Sephora, it'll be five minutes!"

Usually said when this individual knows that it won't take five minutes but rather five years.

"OMG I need coffee, let's hit up a Starbucks real quick"

Usually said while ordering a non fat soy double whip mocha latte.

"New goose, who dis?"

Usually said in a snapchat showcasing their new $700 jacket along with a few other miscellaneous shopping bags.


My eyes are rolling.


Usually said to parody Drake's famous album but unfortunately has lost its humour after April of 2016. #SorryNotSorry

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