Ah, Scarborough. As much as people make fun of you Scarberians, we love you all the same. Despite some crazy stuff happening there, we can all appreciate Scarborough's highs and lows. Here's a list for all you far-east dwellers of some familiar phrases and occurrences that happen in the great land of Scarberia.

1. "Oh, you're from Scarborough..."

That hesitant sentence accompanied by a stare that comes out when you tell someone new that you're from Scarborough. Don't worry, they're not going to hurt you. You never truly know what they think about Scarbz but it's definitely not as rough as you think.

2. You Know James From The Morningside Theatre

"Theatre 2 to the right." Any day of the week you can find James ripping your tickets at the cinema. He's been there for years so he's kind of like the rockstar of Scarborough theatres. James even has a Facebook page dedicated to him!

3. It's Not Uncommon To See The "Scooter Crew" Outside Of A McDonalds

These are the people that hangout on the McD's patio like nobody's business. You need your dose of McD's? Beware of the scooter crew. Well actually, they're harmless - they just want their Big Mac meals so get out of the way! It's also not uncommon to see one of these 'badasses' riding their motorized scooters through the drive-thru.

4. You Know The Local 'Bum' In Some Way

Chances are a person popped into your head when you read this, whether it's lizard man, the shoeless guy, or whomever. You know them because you see them a lot. The fact is that they'll never leave Scarbs because everyone knows them.

5. You're A Foodie

Because let's face it, what else is there really to do in Scarborough other than bowl, drink and eat tons of different cuisines? Here in Scarborough we take pride in our food and how multi-cultural (and tasty) the selection is.

6. You Stick To The Local Bars Because Downtown Is Just Too Far

You find yourself going downtown to drink about once a month because who really has the energy to drag their drunken ass home all the way from downtown? Such a mish. Why go downtown when you can just stumble home into bed?

7. And When You Do Go Downtown..

You're just wandering around like a chicken with it's head cut off. Where am I? I'm lost! Take me back to Scarborough please. There's too much traffic and I can't tell which way is which!

8. Caddy's Is Always A Suggestion/Joke

"Hey man, what do you want to do tonight? We could go bowling or something?"

"Yeah, and after we can go see strippers at Caddy's!"

 9. You've Had Sweet Bluff Bonfires

Yup, summer in Scarborough is wicked! You can have huge fires and get drunk at the waterfront with all your mates. Also, you can't deny that these are where your underage drinking memories lie.

10. TTC Is Super Entertaining

Excuse me sir can you turn down your gangsta' rap? You'll probably see people with SWAG written on their clothes. Their hair coloured the brightest shade of green - and what's that, PJ pants? What is style anyways?

11. The Patty Debate

Oh yes friends, the patty debate, I went there. The consensus is usually a deep love for Warden station's magnificent patties. Flakey, tasty, spicy and cheap! But, you can argue with me on this one if you want...

12. Sirens Don't Phase You

It's territory that comes with city life. C'est la vie! Once you hear them all the time, they start to fade into the background. Although, you're now always the person who travels up North that's constantly saying "It's so quiet!"

13. You Know The Slang

You probably start sentences with "what are you saying fam?" and end them with "styll"!

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