We all know that Canadians women are total girlfriend material, but there is something special about girls from Ontario.  We range from small town sweethearts to downtown dimes, and there is no question that you'll find your dream girl somewhere in Ontario.

If you're looking for an independent, strong, intelligent, hilarious women, Ontario is where you will find her.  We have compiled a list of 13 reasons to date an Ontario girl, and if those are not enough to make you fall in love, then we don't know what will!

1. There's a good chance she can pull off denim on denim.


2. She's not afraid of a little, or a lot of snow.

Who needs a snow blower when shoveling is your cardio?

3. She will take you on all the best adventures.

She's well versed in Hamilton's waterfalls, the caves in Milton, and the beautiful fall colours in Collingwood.

4. She can appreciate small town charm, and the excitement of the big cities.

Whether shes's from Stratford or Toronto,  she's always been able to find the positives in whatever environment she's in.

5. She's likely the ultimate road trip partner.

Because we all know that if you're looking to explore Ontario, a road trip is probably in order.

6. She looks adorable in a flannel.

This is basically a fact for all Canadians.

7. There is a good chance that she is just as proud of her culture as she is about being from Ontario.

Ontario is very multicultural, and there is a good chance that she embraces her background as well as her Canadian culture!

8. She gets excited about the little things.

Once the temperature rises over 0 degrees you'll see her ditch the winter jacket and swap her Tim's coffee to an iced coffee.

9. There is a very good chance that she will let you keep your beard.

Who can say no to a Movember supporter?

10. She will stand her ground.

Because all Canadian girls are tough.

11. She knows all the hidden gem restaurants you've never heard of.

The GTA has some pretty impressive spots to eat your way through.

 12. Her idea of a relaxing weekend probably includes a cottage.

And what could be better than a weekend in Muskoka with someone you love?

13. She probably has a pretty adorable accent, even if she denies it.

"You really think so, eh?"

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