Snapchat filters came out late last year and changed the whole game. Now we have the ability to blend entertainment with selfies; Selfitainment, if you will.

There are so many filter options that allow us to look beautiful, terrifying, or hilarious. Regardless, they make it easy to entertain and dazzle our friends, even if we're just in sweatpants, hair tied, chillin' with no make up on.

Beyond that, we've found that the Snapchat filters you gravitate toward say something about who you are as an individual. Find out below what yours says about you!

1. The Coachella Filter

You like to look pretty in a cute and modest way. This filter creates an innocent and pure aesthetic, and confers those same qualities onto its user. 

2. The Running Makeup Filter

This filter is a great mode of expression for the alternative hot chick. It's an effective way to demonstrate that you look hot, always. Even the morning after. Even after crying. Even after murdering someone. The circumstances in which you look hot are endless. 

3. That Weird, Yellow Face

If this one is your favourite, I’m sorry, I don’t know what to say. Find a new favourite, maybe? Or just delete your snapchat. 

Photo cred - Snapchat

4. The Salvador Dali Filter

You are hilarious, daring, and a little bit freaky. You don’t care about what people think of you. Bonus points if you use the sound effects. 

5. The Old Person Filter

You frequently complain about how tired you are or how old you feel, whether it be because you really don’t sleep enough or because you just love complaining. This filter is perfect for you because it provides a comedic vehicle for your whining.

6. The Crying Filter

You are silly and playful. This filter tells everyone that you don’t take yourself too seriously whilst also reminding them that you are adorable and hilarious. 

7. The "Love You" Filter

You’re a sweet, caring person and love this filter because it’s a quick and easy opportunity to share your affection with friends and/or lovers. 

8. The Anti-Filter

Is that even a filter? Or does she just look more like a Disney Princess than usual? Who can tell? No one, really. Which is why this filter always, always wins. 

9. The Pop Art Filter

"I’m a hipster. I also didn’t have to put on makeup for this and I still look adorable." Bonus points if you instagrammed a copy. 

10. Any of the Distorted Filters

You’re fun loving and don’t care about looking bad. You care more about making people laugh. 

11. The Angry Bunny

I'm cute... but don't cross me.

12. The FaceSwap Filter

You are an experimental thinker who actively seeks out opportunities for hilarity. Faceswap snapchatters are usually creative and love a good challenge.

13. The Dog Filter

LAST BUT NOT LEAST, the most famous filter of all. If you love this filter, I don’t blame you. It airbrushes your skin, contours your jaw, brightens your eyes, and hides your nose. Everyone will tell you that using this filter too much means that you’re basic as can be. But I dare to disagree. All of the recent Dog Filter shaming means that the subsisting users are tireless and unrelenting. They are beautiful and brave. 

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