Being in university can be the best of times and the worst of times. From grueling all nighters, ridiculous papers and the dreaded question, "What are you doing after graduation?", being in university for 8 months of the year is just long enough to make you go crazy. 

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Just when you think the hard times are over for the year, summer vacation presents its own set of challenges. The struggle continues even into the summer. Here are 13 struggles all university students can definitely relate to in the summer: 

1. Summer school 

This is the biggest struggle of all. When you finally finish all your courses in your last semester and you just want to celebrate but you remember in a week you go have to go back. And then you have to go back again, and again. Doing a summer courses seems like the most proactive decision as a student, but that doesn't make it any less painful.

2. Internships 

If you decided not to go to summer school, that means you've taken a different more hands on approach to your future: an internship. Internships come few and far between, and at the end of the semester finding an internship feels like the Hunger Games. If one more person in my program casually slips, "So... Did you find an internship?" into conversation, I will lose it. There are enough jobs for everyone! Play nice people.

3. Working a shitty job to pay tuition 

If you didn't land an internship and decided to opt out of summer school, odds are you're taking on a shitty job with lots of hours in order to pay tuition, rent and other living expenses for your semester. Think off all the things you could spend your money on without paying tuition! You'll end the summer in August with lots of money, but you'll be exhausted all the time (I'd rather be doing finance homework).

 4. Doing #1, 2 and 3 at the same time

The ultimate summer of hell: summer courses, an internship AND a job. Not all of us can do it, but if you meet one of these unique people make sure to take a picture with them and get their autograph. You don't know if they'll survive until the fall semester. 

5. Not having a job 

The polar opposite of #4: Sometimes you just don't luck out and all the jobs are taken. This can become very stressful in the summer. We all know the main struggle of all university students is making money, and no money means no happiness. Getting tired of scrolling through job listings online? Here's 10 ways to start making money online in Canada. Start hustling!

 6. Moving back home 

If you moved away from home for school, you know this one to be true. Having to come back from school only to hibernate in your room for a few weeks before finally venturing out to see if any of your high school friends remember you. Moving home has tons of struggles on its own. The biggest lie every university student has ever told: "Omg! I missed you too!"

 7. Being busier than you are during the school year 

Now that school is done, we have some time off to relax (or just get more stressed). There's more time to stack your resume with volunteer positions, odd jobs, etc. I find that my life becomes way more stressful and way busier than it is during the school year because I now have time to work on myself. When really I just want to sleep. All the time. 

8. Trying to save money 

Yes I got a summer job to save money for my rent, tuition, textbooks and other necessary items to survive the school year, but let's be real. I'm going to blow it on rooftop patios, poolside bars and summer road trips. Yolo, right?

9. Getting your grades back 

The minute I finish my last exam, I am running so fast out of that school Usain Bolt would envy my speed. You can finally feel free from the education system! Until about 3 weeks into the summer when you get that notification that your grades have been posted. Cue the panic.

 10. Course selection

Course selection is another classic struggle. I don't want to be reminded that school still exists. Having to plan out your year in the summer is just annoying. We all know the struggles of course selection. Give me some time to pretend university doesn't exist, then MAYBE I'll take a look at what I'm taking next fall. Maybe.

 11. Maintaining a sleep schedule 

Did you know Canadians are some of the most sleep deprived people on the planet? Students specifically have no problem going from writing a paper until 5am, to getting to class for 10am, (that's a full 4 and a half hours of sleep, that's amazing). In the summer we struggle with sleeping in and feeling rested because all year we have been making sleep a choice, not a necessity. Take the summer to rest too! You'll miss it when it's gone.

 12. Having more time to worry about your future 

Between summer school, internships, a job and trying to have a social life there is still ample time to sit on your bed at 2am and think about what the hell you're doing with your life. This is a habit that carries on from the school year. Only difference is that in summer you have more time to really think about how you're a huge failure and you're going nowhere. These thoughts are normal but if you're really feeling stuck as a student maybe the university life just isn't for you! Live love summer! Right?

13. Having to go back 

And when the sun goes down and the nights start getting colder, one thing becomes very clear. Fall is coming and it's time to go back. If going back to school makes you sick more than the average student, consider taking a year off! As hard as summer can be for university students, the only thing that's worse? Having to actually go back. Yay. 

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