Cheerleaders are some of the best athletes in the world, requiring strength, balance, flexibility, stamina, and some what of a death wish. We put hours into a gym for a 2 minute and thirty second performance that will either give us the high we crave or the all- time low we fear. The sport is about building relationships and rallying as one in the tough times, but also celebrating each other for the victories we achieve after putting so much work in during painful practices.

All any cheerleader wants to do in life is destroy the cheerleader stereotype. However, the stereotype of a cheerleader is just one of the many struggles we deal with on a daily basis. If you are a cheerleader, the following list of struggles we face will be more than relatable to your everyday life.

1. The "So what sports team do you cheer for?" question.

Fun fact: competitive cheerleaders do not cheer on the sidelines. They put hours into a gym to train a routine they compete at competitions.

2. People assume you aren't very intelligent.

The majority of my team attend university and achieve above average grades.

3. POM POMS aren't a thing!

Simple as that.

4. When people ask: "Can you do a cheer for me?"

5,6,7,8 no.

5. Receiving countless strange looks for having a bow in your hair.

I get it, I look different.

6. The "Do you know *insert random cheerleader's name here*?" question.

No. I don't know every cheerleader on the planet just because I am one.

7. Constantly being asked to do a flip just because you can.

I am not a circus act.

8. You don't even remember what it feels like to not be sore.

I  never hesitate to take the elevator.

9."Last time"

a.k.a 103,850,207 more times.

10. Jeans will never fit quite right.

Too tiny in the hips... too big in the quads.

11. Assuming your favourite movie is Bring It On.

Honestly, that movie sucks.

12. The "Is it your dream to cheer for the Argo's?" question.

No, I'm a cheerleader...not a dancer.

13. "Cheerleading isn't a sport"

Alright, you stick to throwing, catching, or kicking balls while we throw humans, allow them to flip, and catch them over our heads.

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