It's really not that pleasant going out clubbing in the winter. The cold weather, the snow and the issues with transportation are a nightmare. Running make up, layers of clothing, static hair - you end up turning into a disaster.

The Entertainment District in Toronto comes with a package of struggles, regardless of the time of the year. However, things tend to get a bit more complicated during the cold season. Here's a list of 13 struggles all Torontonians face when they decide to go out clubbing during the winter:

1. The snowbanks on King St. West.

Are impossible to go over. 

2. What shoes to wear?

Not do they only have to match your outfit, but they also have to keep your toes from falling off.

3. And then they get stuck in between the street car tracks and snow.

And you're bound to slip as well. 

4. The TTC

 Delays, delays,delays. Oh and you have to leave the club 30 min before the subway closes in order to make it on time.

5. The arctic temperatures at Polson Pier.

It was Sound Academy before and now it's Rebel. The grounds of this venue have freezing winds coming from Lake Ontario that are absolutely unbearable.

6. The heaters outside are useless.

They either burn the top of your head or don't work at all. 

7. Then after standing outside for an hour...

You find out the club hit capacity. 

8. Waiting in a 30 minute coat check line...

Because you have to check in your boots and layers of clothing. 

9. And then you loose your ticket.

So you have to wait till the last person leaves the club... 

10. If you're the DD.

You drive around for hours looking for parking because it's impossible to find a spot in the entertainment district that is somewhat affordable. Did you notice they jack up the prices in the winter?

11. You can't walk to Spadina or anywhere else for post-club munchies.

Because it's fvcking freezing.  

12. You end up taking Beck taxis.

If you didn't order an Uber ahead of time, you're screwed so you jump into the nearest Beck because you can't stand the cold and end up spend 5 times the amount on a fair.

13. But you have to fight for one first.

Because everyone is desperate to get home. 

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