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Rye High students are very interesting creatures. We fiercely defend our school all while jumping on any opportunity to criticize or pick it apart. Our campus is surrounded by anything and everything that you could name off the top of your head which leads to a variety of very different, very interesting situations.

Ryerson U is a fantastic school, but it is just way too easy to poke fun at ourselves. If you do not believe me, special shoutout to the super popular @RyersonProblems Twitter account that has over 5,000 posts, that's a lot of problems. There are certain struggles that Ryerson Students encounter all too often on our daily grind.

1.Navigating Kerr Hall

For those of you who do not attend Ryerson, let me paint a picture for you. Kerr Hall is high school, it is lined with lockers, smells kind of like garbage and wet dog mixed together and the desks seem to have been purchased at a discount excess cargo store. So on top of all of that, it is legitimately four different buildings merged into one viciously cruel maze. Even fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh year students need to get to class an hour early for a new semester in Kerr Hall.

2. Smelly Food In The Library

Having a campus that is surrounded by copious amounts of delicious and different cultural choices for food is a god damn blessing (most of the time) but then you get a weird mix of different smells merged into one vicious stank. Why do people think that it is okay to eat smelly and/or messy foods in the library? Speaking of the library, special shout out to the shittiest elevator system on earth.

3. Opt-Out Cheques

Not such a struggle when we actually get them but when its 2015 and you still have no effing refund from October?! Infuriating! Students count on that opt-out money for important things like rent or Five Guys.

4. Security Incident Emails

At Ryerson, we believe an informed community is a safer community. Please click the link below to open the latest Security Incident: NOOOO, Stop! These were a great initiative before they started coming every hour and including things as stupid as stolen cell phones 12 blocks from campus.

5. Ramms

Waking up at 6am the day after christmas is not Okay, especially when Ramms could not accommodate the necessary number of students if it had a gun to its head. You have to wonder if North Korea hacked it long before they got distracted by The Interview.

6. Saving Money

Tuition to go to Ryerson is expensive enough without being surrounded by the Eaton Centre and enough fast food options to satisfy even the biggest of pigs. The horror of trying to start a new diet or start a new budget plan is unsurmountable.

7. Finding Sally Horsfall/ Eric Palin Hall

It just doesn't make any sense, are they connected? are they not connected? Can I get to one from the inside of the other? Having an exam scheduled in either one of these buildings? Best to arrive the night before so you have enough time to find the room.

8. Commuting

Ryerson is a commuter school and for those of you who go through it on the daily you understand me when I say Union Station, close enough to walk, far enough to not want too. In the winter you arrive to class soaked in sweat because the journey+a heavy winter coat = no bueno.

9. Fire Alarms

Whether you live in rez or had that one experience of debating whether to voyage down from the 7th floor of the library or just hide amongst the books and take your chances you've had this #RyersonProblem.

10. Not Eating like a fatty

Salad King, Five Guys, Lou Dawgs, Panera Bread, Chipotle, etc, etc. The list never ends and we aren't mad about it- Until it comes time to a) pay our visa bill or b) step on a scale.

11. Textbooks

To buy or not to buy? that is the question. The answer is always No, do not buy. Not to mention what the eff is the difference between The Campus Store and the book store? Why can't they be one?

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12. Being friends with a One-legged pigeon, A backwards walking man and a man who aggressively shouts 'Believe!'

With a campus in the heart of a massive city like Toronto it makes for appearances by some very interesting characters. The thing about Ryerson is that we are super inviting and have come to love our one legged pigeon (follow him on twitter here) our backwards walking Tim Hortons loving friend and the Believe guy! They should be receiving honorary degrees any day now.

13. Daydrinking

A long break between classes + being surrounded by an array of restaurant/bar choices makes it incredibly difficult to show up to your next class completely sober. In the early Fall and Spring months? Good Luck!

*Honourable mention goes to the yellow brick road incident of 2014, #NeverForget*

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