This year, the University of Toronto was ranked 1st in Canada and 20th worldwide, according to QS World University Rankings. Receiving an outstanding education is cool and all - but sometimes studying at U of T comes with it's fair share of problems.

From stampedes of students to far walks across the city, the most fun thing you might be able to get done is studying for that mid-term.

 1. When the wifi is slow because you share it with 85,000 other students

2. When stressed students in Robarts are colder than the weather

3. When U of T never calls for a snow day

GIF Cred - Good Reads

4. When Con Hall is Antarctica

5. The anxiety that ROSI gives you

6. The fact that there's only one reading week

7. Realizing you should have stayed in bed to skip the downtown rush

8. Blackboard. That is all

GIF Cred - The Odyssey

9. Wondering where your tuition money is going

10. Walking through a protest on your way to class

11. When you think you can run across the field at Kings College circle without losing your breath

12. Realizing credit/no credit will either make/break your undergrad career

13. When you're hungry but campus food sucks

GIF Cred - Your Tango

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