If you live in the suburbs, it could be a hassle going downtown on the weekend. If you're coming anywhere from Vaughan, Mississauga, Brampton or other parts of the GTA, an Uber will cost you at least $30.00 and a taxi will be around $70.00.

Instead of spending so much money on transportation, why not just rent an apartment for the night or weekend instead? All of these apartments are completely furnished and include features such as cable,Wifi, pools, saunas, gyms.

To help you spend your money wisely,( use it for an extra vodka soda at the bar) we've looked into some places that are up for rent. Here's a list of 13 super duper nice apartments you can rent for under $50.00:

Prices are listed as per person per night, based on the max number of people permitted at each house.

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1. Waterfront Apartment // Toronto,Ontario.

Accommodates: 2 guests

Cost: $20.00

2. Downtown Core // Toronto, Ontario.

Accommodates: 14 guests

Cost : $15.00

Rent here. 

3. Queen St. // Toronto, Ontario.

Accommodates: 4 guests.

Cost: $17.00

Rent here. 

4. City Place // Toronto, Ontario.

Accommodates: 5 guests

Cost: $25.00

5. City Place // Toronto,Ontario.

Accommodates: 4 guests

Cost: $25.00

6. Pape Subway // Toronto,Ontario.

Accommodates: 3 guests

Cost: $26.00

7. Cabbage Town // Toronto,Ontario.

Accommodates: 4 guests

Cost: $28.00

Rent here. 

8. Queen St. // Toronto,Ontario.

Accommodates: 5 guests

Cost: $29.00

Rent here. 

9. City Place // Toronto, Ontario.

Accommodates: 8 guests.

Cost: $28.00

10. Spadina & Bremer // Toronto, Ontario.

Accommodates: 3 guests

Cost: $50.00

11. Distillery District // Toronto, Ontario.

Accommodates: 4 guests

Cost: $50.00

12. Downtown Core // Toronto,Ontario.

Accommodates: 15 guests

Cost: $48.00

Rent here. 

13. Queen St. // Toronto, Ontario.

Accommodates: 2 guests

Cost: $50.00

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