There are many things that we love about Toronto, from the sports teams to the food, even the way the city smells after it rains. But just like living anywhere in the world there are qualms about living amongst three million other people.

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After moving to the Big Smoke, sometimes things can be overwhelming. These things aren't necessarily bad, in fact, they're more annoying than anything. When you live in Toronto there are unspoken rules and when people don't follow them it's easy to feel frustrated. Like Dorothy said, "we're not in Kansas anymore."

Moving can be hard but once you're settled you gradually become more like the city's locals. Here are 13 things that are sure to annoy you after you moved to the 6ix.

Trying to get anywhere on Front St. after a Jays/Leafs/Raptors game.

It's literally like trying to navigate through a swarm. Before moving here you were probably part of it once or twice. Where are these people walking and why don't they know how to use the sidewalk?

Convenience store grocery shoppers.

We all know that some corner stores offer groceries whether that be produce, bread, or milk. But they are not a grocery store, please do not purchase your weekly groceries and hold up the line for 20 minutes.

The super obvious tourists (fanny pack included).

No, I'm not judging you because you're visiting our beautiful city. I'm judging you because you're standing in the middle of the sidewalk on Google Maps with a blank stare. We've all been there but try and keep it on the DL.

Getting a bad rep when you travel.

Once you travel within Canada after living in Toronto everyone assumes you're kind of an asshole. Though there are jerks in every city, most of us are very kind and accepting people.

Traffic during Caribana

Unless you're going to Caribana (which is super fun) is there really even a point to making an attempt at getting across the city? It'll take you an extra hour so just stay home or only go to places in walking distance.

Dog owners who don't care about poop.

This is actually the freaking worst. Since so many people in Toronto own dogs, it should just become common courtesy to pick up after them. How many shoes have to be ruined before people care?

People who sit on the outside of TTC seats.

Believe me, I get that you don't want people sitting next to you. But we're on a bus, it's filling up, learn to move the hell over.

No one holds doors.

Do you know how many times a day I get bumped by a damn door? Too freaking many. If you see someone coming, push it open for them or hold it, it's just nice.

Taxi drivers who don't use their blinkers.

So basically all of them. When you don't use a blinker I don't know what you're doing and you also nearly just took out a pedestrian.

Living in a building without an elevator.

When you live on the fourth floor, lugging groceries in one trip with no elevator is absolute hell. 

Eaton Centre shoppers.

After moving here you know one should only go the Eaton Centre with a distinct plan. Walking around for leisure in a huge mall will quickly turn into massive stress.

Subway talkers.

Sir, I am coming home from work after a long day, I don't want to talk to you. Why are you even trying to talk to me with my headphones in?

People walking at a glacial pace.

What's worst than being stuck behind the world's slowest walker? Literally nothing. Unless you're a sweet old lady or a cute baby, pick up the pace!

Just like any city there will be parts of it that you love and parts of it that you hate. If you have more annoyances that aren't on this list be sure to comment below!

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