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Toronto life ain't always easy. Being here comes with plenty of hurdles, and although making it over them is most definitely worth it, they can definitely weigh heavy on the minds. Here are 13 of the biggest sources of stress that Torontonians deal with on the daily.

1. The Subway

There are a lot of things about the TTC that are problematic. Easily the worst is the ridiculous amount of delays it undergoes every single day. Going to work or school in the morning is always a gamble, and having to leave extra time in your commute for subway drama is a huge pain.

2. Weather

Like most Canadians, Torontonians worry about the weather a lot. We have a lot of it, and sometimes it feels like we get a sick pleasure out of knowing just how bad the windchill is on our coldest days. The temperature is something we have to think about all the time, and with good reason. Frostbite is a nightmare.

3. Out of Towners Bringing Up Rob Ford

Ever since the crack scandle, our city has been under relentless international scrutiny. Every Torontonian is sick of their friends from Montreal and Vancouver making unoriginal jokes about everything to do with the Ford family. Trust us, we've heard them all.

4. Rent

It's too damn high.

5. Moving

Planning a move in this city is stressful as hell. Finding an apartment is no picnic, especially if you don't want to spend every penny you have or live in a rat's nest. Once you've tracked one down, getting your furniture from Point A to Point B for cheap is another hurdle to climb. The moving process could easily consume your life for months on end.

6. Charity Canvassers

As a former charity canvasser,  I have first hand knowledge of how much they are resented, and I get it to an extent. The etiquette is hard to figure out if you have no intention of stopping to talk. Canvassers are scattered all over downtown, so if you work or go to school in the heart of the city, they're pretty inescapable.

7. Clothing

Toronto is a well dressed city, there's no getting around that. Making sure you're dressed to kill every time you leave the house can make getting ready in the morning difficult. No one wants to be that shlubby loser on the subway.

8. Finding the perfect place to drink

The amount of events and parties happening in this city on the weekend can get overwhelming, even if you're just planning for yourself. Things only get more stressful when you and your friends all have different opinions on where you want to go. Sometimes too much choice is a bad thing.

9. Making plans with friends

The fast-paced nature of this city, coupled with the fact that everyone's homes are pretty spread out can make it hard to stay in touch with friends who aren't part of your immediate social circle. Planning brunch or an evening out with a friend you haven't seen in a while can take weeks, and you can't shake that feeling guild you have in the meantime.

10. Taking advantage of summer

The warm weather months here are so short, that having fun in the summer starts to feel frantic. There isn't a moment of park-sitting or pool-swimming that isn't tinged with the subconscious dread we all have for the impending seven month long winter.

11. The death of the Blue  Jays

Baseball has been a dying sport for a while now. Ticket sales for Jays games have been dwindling over the years, and this means that we could one day lose this Torontonian institution. That really sucks, but definitely not enough for me to sit through a game.

12.  The Leafs

Fans of the Leafs have a very stressful life. The team's track record has been very up and down for years, and with our loss to the Habs the other night, the Leafs weigh heavily on the minds of most faithful Torontonians.

13. The possibility of having to leave Toronto

As stressful as this city is, it is undeniably awesome. Possibly the biggest fear that most of its inhabitants have is that they may have to some day leave it for work, or school, or other Important Life Things. Chances are they'd end up in Ottawa, and that would be the worst, wouldn't it?

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