I don't know why no one warned me about dating in Toronto in your 20s. It's kind of the worst. What seemed clear(ish) when you were younger is now all confusing; thanks to dating apps, hookup culture, and pretty much everything else that's working against us these days.

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After having dated quite a bit in the city, I've found there are certain types of guys who you tend to run into over and over in Toronto. Here are 13 types of guys you'll date in Toronto in your 20s (and probably regret).

1. The alcoholic lawyer in training from Osgoode or U of T.

He is always studying and always stressed. But probably still has enough energy to argue with you with a scotch in hand.  

2. The over-confident Bay Street banker.

On the bright side, he'll pay for everything. On the downside, he's never be available and he probably has no soul.

3. The artsy OCAD grad.

He knows all the coolest places to go out and is super hip. Sadly, he will end up dumping you for not being "intellectual enough."

4. The hot bartender from a bar on West Queen West.

He definitely has tattoos, a beard, and/or a man bun. Also, probably good in bed but will definitely never text you again.

5. The guy who is way too old to live at home in the Beaches.

And don't even get me started on the guy who still commutes from his parents' home in Mississauga every day.

6. The wannabe DJ "just on the cusp" of making it.

But you know he's probably doomed to forever play in weird College St clubs.

7. The techie working at a startup that he will not shut up about.

He will gladly tell anyone why the open workflow space at his Liberty Village office is "so much better than cubicles."

8. The irrational Leafs fan who gets a little too upset every time they lose.

I mean, aren't you used to it yet?

9. The fratty Commerce grad who just can't let go of his glory days.

He probably played rugby too. Ugh.

10. The lucky sperm club kid from Lawrence Park.

He probably works at his dad's company and definitely owns more than one pair of dock shoes.

11. The Guelph Varsity rugby/hockey/lacrosse player who is still bitter they never made it big.

He's also definitely "for the boys." 

12. The guy who you're pretty sure just parties on King West for a living.

"Message me for line skip."

13. The fuckboy who is only free to chill from 12AM-4Am.

The inevitable "Hey u up?" text.

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