Some guys are proud to be fvck boys. They enjoy playing mental games with another person's feelings in order to satisfy their own ego. It's important to understand, they don't deserve your time or attention if they treat you like sh*t.

Unfortunately there are plenty of fvck boys in Toronto. If you're unsure whether or not you're a sidepiece it's time to learn how to deal with these men:

1. Cancel on the Hooters date.

First of all, I don't know why you would even agree to go on a date at Hooters or Tilted Kilt. If you're delusional and made the mistake of saying yes, *ahem* red alert - cancel immediately. Let's be real here, he's only going there to check out the chicks and mow down on chicken wings.

2. If you agree to go on a date, go somewhere on King street.

A typical fvck boy will avoid going somewhere public, because truth is he doesn't want to be seen with you. If you're unsure whether or not you're just a sidepiece, ask him to go somewhere where the two of you will be seen together.

3. Avoid going to the same clubs in the entertainment district.

Whether he's a regular at Lost & Found or promotes for Everleigh don't go to the same club as him on your night out. If he doesn't know where you are, what you're doing or perhaps who you're doing you may just cross his mind more than once.

4. Become aware of how many women from the 6ix are in his life.

Toronto is a big, yet seemingly small city. Everyone knows each other and it's not hard to find out who he's fvcking with.

5. Make his friends like you.

If his friends think you're super cool or start hitting on you, he won't be too fond of that. If you hit up Apt 200 and you run into the bros... Work it girl, work it.

6. Disregard his social media.

He probably posts Instagram photos chilling at Cabana popping bottles of Ace that he didn't even buy. Does not deserve a <3

7. Sign up to Equinox.

If he has plenty of side chicks, why are you restricting yourself from meeting other guys? Sign up to a gym like Equinox, where there are plenty of other potential candidates.

8. Say NO to Netflix & Chill at his condo.

Turn down this F V CK BOY.

9. Ignore the late night booty call after he's hit up The Thompson Diner.

He got wasted, had drunk munchies and now he wants to come over? Hell no.

10. Don't pick him up from Warehouse on Queen.

That place is absolutely awesome, but if he's been partying there all night he's most likely picked up more than a handful of digits from drunk girls that were dancing on the bar.

11. Or pay for his Uber.

Are you kidding me? Don't even think about it.

12. Don't let his desires have priority over yours.

Things don't always have to work his way. If you have respect for yourself, he will learn to respect you. He needs to know you have your own life and you won't drop your plans for him. If you're suppose to go out to Gusto 101 with your girls, stick to the plan.

13. Simply don't respond.

Yes, it's hard. But when you treat them like shit they tend to like you more.

14.  Or just cut it.

There's no reason you should allow someone to step all over you. If he can't invest some time for you, say goodbye to this fvck boy and cut the cord.

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