Unpopular opinion: I love online dating. It is fking accessible, fun, and easy af to manuever. It's a great way to safely and subtley boost your confidence while practicing your conversational skills. It was made for extroverted introverts (like myself) and those who really just want hot, quick hook-up.

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Online dating may seem like a total shit show to you - and that's totally fair. In some cases, it really is. I've read the horror stories and avidly follow @tindernightmares on Instagram. But there really is a way to master the art of online dating to get those great, one-of-a-kind connections everyone secretly hopes for. 

1. Organize your photos accordingly 

Listen closely. You will need: A portrait of your pretty face, a full body shot, one having fun with your friends, one doing something you love and an optional miscellaneous shot. You want to seem as multidimensional and interesting as possible. People are swiping through hundreds of profiles a day remember? As important as bios, we're a visual society. And we swipe before we tap for more, let's be real here. 

2. Set up smart filter

Tinder recently added this feature to make our lives easier. Smart filter puts your 'most swiped on' pic at the front of your profile, to increase the likelihood of someone swiping on you. When you do set up smart filter, look at that photo. Why is that your most swiped? Are you throwing axes? Roller-blading? 

3. Avoid super sexualized photos

I know, I know. It sucks that I even have to type this, but online dating for many people is just an app to find f*ckbuddies. Unless you're looking for a one-night-stand, avoid photos that will draw in the creeps. Wouldn't you rather your date be shook by your washboard abs or squat-booty irl?!

4. Don't use photos with you & a member of the opposite sex

"That's my sister" is not the winning charm you need in your bio. A picture with the opposite sex can immediately turn your potential partner off from your profile because you're not projecting the image of a single human being. Plus, the fact that we have to guess/hope that the person in your shot isn't your sibling is sketchy. 

5. Filter your FB interests before making your profile 

They really don't need to know you 'liked' The Ramada Inn from that vacation in 2004. Make sure you still like all your FB likes and add some new ones while you're add it. These can be defining factors when swiping left or right.

6. Stray away from the selfie

This one is debatable, considering we as a species thrive on selfie culture. Selfies, though cute af, do insinuate that you're not out having a great time on the reg. A picture of you holding a beer @ Bellwoods Brewery is a lot more attractive than you taking one yourself. Think of your angles!! 

7. Make sure your shots are clear, in focus, and bright

Think of it this way, your profile is basically an ad...for yourself. Your photos are the first thing people have to judge you by. The better, clearer and brighter they are, the more polished you appear as a person. 

8. Bring it with a great bio 

Anyone seriously online dating knows that a bio can make or break you. Some things to consider are: your school/job, a unique interest, favourite  activities or a piece of pop culture you enjoy. You want to attract people who like the same things as you, so this is no place for bullshit. 

9. Resist the urge to snatch a bio

Whenever I see a bio that a bunch of other guys have used, it's an automatic swipe left. Originality is attractive. 

10. Skip over-used lines and make up your own

The first message will make or break a Tinder convo. A simple 'hey' is not all that memorable or interesting, really. Try to pick apart something from their bio or photos to use as a conversation starter to make it personal. 

11. Use their name in convo possible 

Weirdly there's research behind this personability. It's a great way to fake that you already know somebody or get them to feel comfortable right off the batt. 

12. Keep convo light, flirty and fun

Though you migtht think being super sexy at first is a turn on, it's a turn off for most. Try feeling out your match's vibe before going in with the sexy-talk.

13. Get their number, ASAP

After a decent amount of messages, transition to phone numbers - or atleast hint at giving/receiving numbers. Once you're in their phone and off of Tinder, you have a great opportunity to start swapping socials. 

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