You walk into Shoppers and Sephora all the time to buy makeup products, but you never really look into the history or background of any of the brands you loyally purchase from.

There are actually a lot of successful Canadian beauty brands out there, and these are just a few of them. Here are 14 beauty brands you might not have known were Canadian:

1. Velour Silk Lashes

There's no doubt that you've heard of Velour Lashes, founded by Torontonians Mabel Lee and Angela Tran. Their mink is collected from free-range zoos and sterilized to make it safe to use.

2. Nudestix

Ever feel lazy and wish you could have just one product to do everything for you? Nudestix are crayons that you can use to create everything from your winged liner to your contour to your fleeky brows. Nudestix is the brainchild of Canadian-born aspiring models, Taylor and Ally Frankel, and their chemical engineer mother, Jenny Frankel, so you know their products are totally foolproof.

3. B. Kamins

No brand can get more Canadian than B. Kamins – its proprietary ingredient is actually derived from maple tree sap.

4. Bite Beauty

Seen these all over your Instagram feed yet? Bite Beauty was actually founded in Toronto, and their cosmetics are high-performance, food-grade, organic, and all-natural.

5. Cargo Cosmetics

Founded in 1996 in Toronto, Cargo became huge in Hollywood after releasing their blue_ray line of blushes, concealers, and powders, which all hold photochromatic pigments and make you look picture perfect.

6. Cover FX

Cover FX was founded in Ontario in 2000 and launched at Shoppers Drug Mart in 2003. The company was actually born in a Canadian dermatology clinic, and was based on the need for products that would offer therapeutic benefits and environmental protection while also being irritant-free and suitable for sensitive skin.

7. Daniel Thompson Beauty

Daniel's beauty and skincare products are completely inspired by runways. You can get his Canadian-made, paramedical skincare at Costco for near wholesale prices.

8. Consonant Skincare

This Toronto-born brand is completely natural and therefore good for your body. Consonant products are known by beauty editors for their immediate results and healthy formulations.

Photo cred – @xoxo_biancacanales

9. Marc Anthony

You've 100% seen Toronto-born hairstylist, Marc Anthony's, hair products on shelves at Shoppers Drug Mart. Did you know he's had Justin Bieber as a client before?

10. Ilia

This Vancouver-based company has an ethical-sustainable approach to their beauty products, and they're filled with certified organic bio-active botanicals that both nourish and rejuvenate the skin.

11. Saje Natural Wellness

You've definitely already heard of this brand or seen their new stores popping up around Toronto. The Vancouver-based brand has aromatherapy-based skincare and remedies which will help you naturally fight off illnesses.

12. Lise Watier

This Montreal-based brand believes that great makeup begins with great skincare, and they've got products for both the skin and the face.

13. RMS Beauty

Are you a believer in organic products? Founder Rose-Marie Swift realized how many chemicals and heavy metals were in the products she was using while doing makeup for a Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. That's why she uses all organic ingredients for her Vancouver-based cosmetics brand.

14. MAC Cosmetics

Remember back in the day when beauty YouTubers were using everything MAC? MAC is the world's leading professional makeup brand, and they got their start in Toronto before joining the Estée Lauder Companies in 1994.

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