How do you become Insta famous? Perhaps you should check out the profiles of these Instagram babes from Toronto to answer this question. They have thousands of followers that monitor their everyday lives via social media and let us tell you, their appearance is without doubt a contributing factor.

These babes have been noticed because they take flawless selfies. People await for their posts on a daily basis, what is she going to post next? They have practically become celebrities because fans anticipate for their next post, wanting to be the first to comment or like.

Wouldn't it be great to have a job that pays you for posting photo's of  your good looking self online? These girls most likely make money off brands to promote their products on Instagram. Here's a list of 14 Babes from Toronto that have captured the eye of thousands of people around the globe:

@killerandsweetthang // 305 k followers

@sophiiadiana // 217 k followers

Photo cred -@thinkreese

@thinkreese // 191 k followers

@charlottedalessio // 139 k followers

@vidamochaa // 59.4 k followers

@jenniferdacostaa // 55.1 k followers

 @addie.gaff // 50.5 k followers

Photo cred - @herapatra 

 @herapatra // 27.8 k followers

@ajuukix // 18.7 k followers

@taylorhardt // 18.4 k followers

@__esjay // 15.4 k followers

@jaffnaastoria // 13.2 k followers

@sahartaha_// 11.1 k followers

Photo cred - @cindykilian

 @cindykilian // 10.8 k followers

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