Are you looking for a home and are in need of an agent? There are several successful realtors in Toronto to choose from that will help you find the perfect place to live.

A man that is polite, has confidence and a persuasive attitude, will  make a successful real estate agent. But let's be honest here, he's probably even better at his job if he's able to capture the attention and awe people with just a glance.

We've already recognized other people with professions such as lawyers and doctors, but now it's time to acknowledge 14 of the hottest male real estate agents in Toronto:

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Matthew Fernandes

via @vkrealestate

Vany Kilyana

via @bigcityagent

Joel Langlois

via @danmichaelrealty

Dan Michael Kligman

via @undefined" class="lml-instagram-embed-2" />via @undefined

Rishi Sehgal

via @ydanyluk

Yann Danyluk

via @mitchparkerre

Mitch Parker

via @bboestamam.ipekiangroup

Bahder Boestamam

via @mikisoldtoday

Michael S.

via @richfhrealestate

Richard Himelfarb

Nakai Luyken

Alexander Kvitnitsky

via @pauljgreenberg

Paul Greenberg

via @toptorontoagent

Ilan Joseph

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