Canadians are probably the nicest people in the whole entire world, yet we're constantly being made fun of for the most ridiculous reasons. Especially the Americans, they just love to hate on us.

Every country has its own stereotypes, but Canada has some that are constantly circulating. Here's a list of 14 outrageous ways people make fun of Canadians (that are totally not cool) and some explanations provided in our defence:

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1. Canadians can't choose one language.

Chill out Americans, you're just jealous. Yes, English and French are both official languages and it actually makes us super cool.

2. Canadians are illiterate.

Woah, woah, woah. No, Americans are just incapable of spelling properly - it's centre not center, colour not color and cheque not check.

3. Canadians are always sorry.

"Is it too late now to say sorry?" Yes, JB thanks for speaking on the behalf of all Canadians. We're sincerely nice and are often taken for granted.

4. Speaking of Justin Bieber.

Americans blame us for his existence. 

5. Canadians are clowns.

We've got Jim Carrey, Mike Myers and Seth Rogan - they're all are fvcking hilarious.

6. Our national symbol is questionable.

Yes it's a beaver and we're proud. 

7. Canadians have big balls.

Isn't this a good thing? Our football fields and balls are bigger than those in the US.

8. Canadians have weird food.

Poutines and beaver tales are the greatest inventions ever. Sush, stop hatin'.

9. Canadians have too many immigrants.

Who's laughing now that Trump is president elect? 

10. Canadians have monopoly, plastic bills.

Our bills can get wet and it's impossible to rip them. Please explain how this is a bad thing?

11. Justin Trudeau.

How could you even make fun of this beautiful human being? Yes, he's a pretty boy but he's quite intelligent.

12. Ogopogo

Yes, we have our own water monster and there are pictures to prove it.

13. Nickelback.

No explanation necessary. 

14. Everything about The Raptors/ Leafs/Blue Jays/Habs/Senators.

We're constantly being made fun of for our sport teams. First of all, a Canadian invented basketball. Second of all, we're the only Canadian teams for basket ball and baseball and guess what? We're pretty damn good. And the Leafs, have the biggest fan base in the NHL FYI. And Sydney Crosby is one of the best players in NHL history.

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