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Ferris Bueller was right: life does move pretty fast and you've really gotta stop and look around once in a while. Yonge and Dundas has the one of the most diverse cross-section of people in Toronto and it's never a dull moment. It's a major tourist area in downtown Toronto, smack dab in the middle of Ryerson campus and within walking distance of the business yuppies. To make sure that you don't miss anything, here's 16 people you'll find at Yonge & Dundas.

1. The "Believe" Guy

A Yonge & Dundas staple since forever, it's hard to remember a time when he wasn't there. In rain or shine, he will be at his corner right in front of Forever 21. The best part is when tourists walk by him unsuspectingly and flinch really hard when he yells, "Believe!"

He even has his own Facebook and Yelp pages.

2. The Duck Carver

In this economy, this man has found an untapped niche in the market. You do you, duck dude. Sources say he goes by the name "Ross".

3. Homeless People

These guys have formed their own cliques and are constantly one-upping each other on who has the wittiest signs. At Yonge & Dundas, they really do come in groups, and are quite nice people, which is just so Canadian.

4. Family Tourists

They arrive with a camera, a map, and no sense of where they're headed. The children prove to be one of the worst obstacles for fast-walking pedestrians because they get so underfoot. It's incredibly easy to basically step on a child. Trust me.

Photo cred - Ryerson University

5. University Students

They're rushing to class because they didn't realize how long the line would be at the AMC Starbucks. If you find yourself at Yonge & Dundas right before a class begins, be on alert for students speeding by.

6. Business Folk

They work nearby and are just trying to get their lunch break in. It can be intimidating to see people who actually have their lives together, but you won't get to stare for too long because they're headed right back to work. Torontonians don't stay still for long.

7. Makeshift Musicians

The creativity and talent of the musicians spotted playing on plastic buckets and bent sheets of metal could rival a symphony orchestra. They definitely deserve the all money they collect.

8. Preachers

Best case scenario: there will be representatives of at least 3 different faiths. Their favourite accessories include microphones, megaphones and a copy of their chosen text. Standing outside the Eaton Centre, they are typically found yelling at shoppers who are trying to avoid eye-contact. Notable preachers: Free Info on Islam who cart around their plastic shelving.

Photo cred - oN3xM

9. Pedestrians Who Fight With The Preachers

A side effect of waiting to cross the street is annoyance, which is personified in the passive-aggressive pedestrians who poke holes in the preachers' statements no matter what they're saying. Sometimes they get really passionate about it, and sometimes, they're just passing the time before they can cross the street.

10. Group Tourists

They definitely signed up for their tour on Groupon and they walk in clumps looking up, down, and everywhere except where they're going. The best group tourists wear uniform-type outfits in order to help them identify one another in the crowd.

11. AMC Chain Smokers

You can thank them for the amount of second hand smoke you inhale. It's especially bad during warmer weather, but even the snow can't keep them away. They seem to be stationed right outside the AMC building as opposed to the other 3 corners, and the smoking is pretty concentrated in the small space.

12. Pre-Teens

You can easily point them out when they are so obviously skipping school with their short-shorts, uggs, Starbucks frappuccino, and phones in hand. They travel in packs that take up the width of the sidewalk and head towards the Eaton Centre - the hub of their social and shopping circles.

13. Toronto Spiderman and Toronto Batman

True Toronto gems, these classic superheroes roam our streets frequently and delight both tourists and locals alike. They are fully dedicated to their character: Batman speaks solely in his Batman voice, and Spiderman uses string and weaves intricate webs. If you're lucky, they'll be around at the same time and you can see them duke it out.

Photo cred - 'Xander Labayen

14.   Volunteers

The hairs on your neck stand up and you break into a cold sweat when you see them down the sidewalk. You know you have to walk past them to get where you need to go but you don't want to get trapped in a conversation with them. You have to mentally prepare yourself before you walk by these obstructions.

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