So it's August - the Sunday of summer. We have to face the music. The warm summer months of 2015 are coming to an end, but there is still a bright light of hope at the end of the tunnel. The best season is soon to be upon us in the 6ix - the season of wool cardigans, warm beverages, and holidays to look forward to.

Oh yes, autumn. Here are a few reminders all Torontonians need right now to get us through our August blues and amped up for the beautiful fall ahead.

1. Goodbye, Gross Body Sweat Stench On The TTC

Standing on a crowded TTC bus or subway in the summer is the worst. Everyone is sweating in places they never thought they could. Some people aren't wearing deodorant and sporting tank tops - damp from their sweat seeping through. The second that moist tank top touches your bare arm, you are ready for death. You're left holding your breath and watching each stop pass by, praying for yours to come sooner so you can get off the bus and breathe some fresh air. So yeah, the steady decline of stinky body odors mingling around you on the TTC is the biggest blessing about the end of summer.

2. Autumn Rainfalls In Toronto > Everything Else

There is something so peaceful about autumn rain in the city. The refreshing smell of rain in the fall as you are walking home from work or school in the city easily triumphs any other season. Cutting through High Park for a quiet stroll in the rain is easily one of the most cleansing things to do at the end of a long day.

3. Autumn Fashion In The 6 Is Eternal

Hands down, autumn wear is one of the most anticipated things about fall in Toronto.  Taking a mere glance around Queen West, it is obvious that Torontonians love having their own unique sense of style on the streets and autumn is the time to really show off.  Maroon and darker tones are finally in. The flannel shirts, hoodies, leggings, cable knit cardigans, floral scarves, peacoats, colourful jeans, stylish boots - is that enough reasons for you to get psyched? I can keep going.

Photo Cred - im-horngry

4. The Grand Return Of Seasonal Drinks At Balzac's

Mmm, the autumn-exclusive drinks are soon to be back. The hot apple chai, the salted caramel mocha, and oh yeah - pumpkin spice errythang. Whether you like the whipped cream topped syrupy drinks from Starbucks or Toronto exclusive coffee shops like Dark Horse Espresso, there's sure to be some solid Instagram material for all you 'basic' folk this fall.

5. Hitting St. Lawrence Market For Your Thanksgiving Feast

With fall coming up, it is also the reminder of some incoming holidays in October. Thanksgiving is a special one for families and friends everywhere. It is a day to truly be thankful for all that you have (even though this should be everyday!), to give back to others that are less fortunate, and to spend quality time with loved ones.

As a broke student in Toronto likely living off of Maggi Noodles and TV dinners most nights, Thanksgiving is also a day to give your belly some well deserved love - with mouthwatering home-cooked foods you will only get on Thanksgiving or Christmas. I'll have some more stuffing, turkey and pumpkin pie, please and thanks.

6. Turning Up At King St. W On Halloween

Fun costume parties and an excuse to binge eat candy without being judged? Yes. As Mean Girls informed us, "Halloween is the one night a year when girls can dress like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it." Or you can opt to be the one zombie ex-wife in downtown Toronto - which is way cooler.

Known for its annual sold-out "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air 90's Halloween" party, Sound Academy is the spot to be on October 31.

7. The Fallen Leaves Covering Toronto`s Streets

One of the most beautiful sights in the city is seeing the leaves change color. Walking through them at Trinity Bellwoods and Riverdale Park - is there anything more therapeutic than an autumn stroll?

8. Reuniting With Buddies On Campus

Many people groan at the thought of going back to class soon. However, let's think positives here. Going back to school in September means going back to keeping busy so your family can stop calling you a lazy piece of shit for not having a job all summer. It also means getting to see those friends who live far away from Toronto that you weren't able to during the summer.

9. Back To School Also Means Back To Dorm Parties!

Work hard, party hard. Whether you go to a school known for epic parties like Western or Brock or a studious school like U of T, back to school in the fall also means back to fun pub nights and campus shenanigans. Cheers to the nights you won't entirely remember.

10. That Autumn Sunset Over Lake Ontario, Though

Early fall in Toronto is always a beautiful time to go for a stroll at Harbourfront Centre. The sky at sunset in autumn is always gorgeous, but seeing it over the water at the lakefront? Surreal.

Photo Cred - vebidoo

11. Less Humidity = Less Crazy Frizzies In The City

All of us thick haired people know Monica's struggle in the Bahamas all too well. Fall is the season with the heavenly crisp breezes. Adios, humidity and frizzy bush hair that made us look disgusting among all the beautiful people in downtown Toronto. You will not be missed.

12. Chillier Weather = Cozier Naps And Cuddles

As the weather in the city starts to cool off in the fall, sliding into your warm bed will be pure bliss. It is the perfect weather to stay inside, watch movies all day, nap and cuddle with someone special.

13. The Pure Bliss Of That First Sip Of Pho On A Chilly Day

Crisp autumn weather in Toronto makes all hot dishes taste 100 times better. Summer was all ice cream and sunshine at Woodbine Beach, but the cooler months ahead will welcome savory soups from places like Pho Linh Restaurant on College back into our lives. Hallejuah.

14. Lights Up Around Toronto and Nathan Phillips Square

There is something special about taking a walk in downtown Toronto and seeing the lights up. Usually near the holidays, this experience gives off a real heartwarming movie-like feeling when lights are lining the trees and cheeks are rosy. Especially near Nathan Phillips Square, it is a sight in the city to hold close.

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