This is the time of year when we start to see high schoolers shopping for their prom outfits, limos pulling up to suburban houses, and a surge of graduation photos on Facebook. Those of us who've already graduated from high school can't help but be reminded of the good times we had when we were in their positions.

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Some of us just have a harder time letting go. Here are 14 signs you're missing high school:

1. You still find yourself subconsciously doodling these in your notes.

Don't lie, we all did it once upon a time.

2. No matter how gross your high school's cafeteria food was, you sometimes still get a major craving for it.

Caf food all of a sudden becomes >>> once you leave high school.

3. You start way too many sentences with "Back in high school..."

And always end your story telling with a nostalgic sigh.

4. Certain quotes from movies or TV shows spark your memory of inside jokes you used to share with old friends.

A.K.A. every Mean Girls quote in existence.

5. There are some accomplishments from high school that you refuse to remove from your resume.

"Um, I was valedictorian... So ya that's staying on there."

6. You're still caught up in the lives, drama and gossip of people who you went to high school with.

I mean, why else still follow them on social media if not to keep track?

7. Sometimes when you're faced with a dilemma, the first person that comes to mind is one of your favourite high school teachers.

For some of us, our teachers were a big part of the reason we survived high school in the first place.

8. You still sometimes get butterflies when you see your high school crush in person or in a recent photo.

No matter how much you don't want to admit it.

9. People from high school still somehow make it into your nightly dreams.

It's a sign...

10. You still consider some people from high school your closest friends.

Because your social life typically plummets after high school.

11. Your college/university homework always reminds you of how much easier the school work was in high school.

Even though in reality it was still actually hard.

12. #TBT is basically your excuse for diving into your folders of past high school pictures.

"I'm only looking at these old photos because it's Throwback Thursday, I swear."

13. You find yourself interested in joining the same clubs you were a part of in high school when you go to college/university.

Makes sense.

14. You clicked on this article.

Ya you didddd!

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