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Considering the large number of great schools in this city, It isn't uncommon for tons of people to come to Toronto for post-secondary education. The people that come from different parts of the world or who come from across Canada to attend one of our city's great institutions have a ton in common.

The struggles of being new to the city of Toronto just in time for College or University can be overwhelming, but eventually you either learn to conquer them or live with them. 

1. Learning To Give A Shit About Your Appearance

Toronto students take fashion very seriously so don't expect to be rolling into class in your sweatpants and hoodie, it just doesn't fly.

2. Not Fully Knowing The Reputation Of Your School

You get to your new school all excited about it only to find out all the terrible things other schools say about it. Toronto post-secondary school students are mean.

3. Figuring Out The Subway System

Learning to navigate it isn't the hard part because it moves in two lousy directions but learning about the delays and all the different ways you can and cannot use transfers is definitely a learning curve.

4. Learning To Call It "The Subway"

Apparently "metro" is a Montreal thing.

5. Forgetting How To Drive

You never use your car anymore so when you go home for the holidays and take your car out for the first time you have a moment of sheer panic, "My Memory has been compromised!"

6. Understanding The Concept Of Street Meat

so wait, they just make the food in this tiny cart on the corner of the street? But why don't they give it a more delicious name?

7. Missing Your Own Favourite Food Spots From Back Home

All you want is an authentic poutine at 4 in the morning, is that so wrong?

8. Adapting to Group Meetings in Coffee Shops or Over Sushi

What happened to the good ol' fashioned library?

9. Feeling Like A Tourist

You still get excited about the CN tower each day and can't wait to visit the new Ripley's Aquarium.

10. Trying to Build A Mental Map of The City's Main Intersections

When someone says Bloor & Bathurst you need just a minute to mentally drop a pin.

11. Pretending Like You Know The City Way Better Than You Do When Your Friends Come Visit

"Oh shoot you know what? I got a bit confused, it's actually 15 blocks in the other direction"

12.Finding A Healthy Balance Between Hometown Pride And Being Obnoxious

Sometimes you get drunk and really excited about the fact that you grew up in a Red Deer, Alberta.

13. Not Understanding All The Slang That Came Out Of Toronto High Schools

Sorry, what is "wheeling"?

14.Feeling like You Lead A Double Life

You have friends in two different places, clothes in two different places, favourite things in two different places and you just can't help but feel as though you're two different people.

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