You know what sucks? Lecture. Lecture sucks a lot. It is bad enough that we have to wake up at ridiculous hours such as 8:00 o'clock in the morning, but then we have to listen to someone speak in a monotone voice for three hours?!? (no offence professors)

It's safe to say that the majority of us aren't exactly completely committed to absorbing every single thing that is said during class. That's not to say that going to class is pointless; but there are a ton of other things that class can be used for, other than sitting and trying not to fall asleep. If you are a college or university student, you have for sure done all of these at least once throughout your educational journey.

1. Finish assignments for another class.

Realistically, lecture is the only large chunk of time you are putting towards school and it's relatively quiet so why not complete that assignment. ?

2. Text the squad group chat.

If you're bored, someone is bound to reply if you send a quick msg in the group chat.  ?

3. Creep social media.

Insta...Twitter...Snapchat...Facebook (if you still use it) It's just so tempting to be surrounded by technology and not constantly refresh every social media avenue you are a part of constantly. ?

4. Organize your calendar.

Lecture is a perfect time to go over every syllabus and find out what is due next week...or today if you missed that memo. ?

5. Study for the midterm happening in the next class.

It's a perfect time! Three somewhat-quiet hours to sit and cram any left over information you haven't memorized yet right before your test. ?

6. Figure out what the plan for tonight's GNO is.

This is what being prepared looks like. Researching what events are happening so you can plan your night accordingly is just thinking ahead. Good on you. ?

7. Occasionally tap back into whatever is happening in class.

I think I'll just look over the power point later.?

8. Shop online.

Lecture gives you so much time to really analyze every single thing on a site before deciding what to order.?

9. Watch Netflix.

Maybe you were working on an assignment the night before...girl has gotta catch up on her OITNB. ?

10. Calculate what the lowest possible mark you can get on the midterm/exam while maintaining your ideal grade.

Since listening in class wasn't a thing, we're gonna have to teach ourselves the material. ?

11. Play a game.

The candy crush phase was a low point in my academic career. ??

12. Send snapchats.

Whether it's sending a cute selfie to your crush, ugly picture to your BFF or just playing with the new filters, it's something to do. ?

13. Eat.

Don't know about you but, I always bring lecture snacks for when I'm bored.?

14. Question why you showed up in the first place.

Is there a test? no? Then, why am I here? ?

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